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This is the first pay per view for SmackDown Live after the draft and there have been rumors running all around today that Randy Orton sustained an undisclosed injury and would not be competing in his match against Bray Wyatt tonight. His availability for the match against the beast incarnate is also uncertain at this point of time. He is scheduled to face Brock Lesnar in a non-televised live event from Chicago on the 24th of this month.

We’re live from the Richmond Coliseum, in Richmond VA. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan make their way out to the ring to welcome us to the show and announce that the women’s six pack challenge would be the first match of the night! Girl power!

Becky Lynch vs Natalya vs Naomi vs Brie Bella vs Alexa Bliss vs Carmella: We have the new SmackDown Live’s women’s championship on the line. The women brawl on the outside to start things off, leaving just Becky and Naomi going back and forth on the mat. Naomi attacks with a series of kicks, but Becky hits a back body drop to counter, sending Naomi to the outside. Carmella comes in and hits the hurricanrana on Becky for the first near fall of the match. Nikki and Carmella take things to the top, but are countered by a suplex from Natalya. All the women are on the outside now, and Naomi takes all of them out with a suicide dive.

Back in the ring, Natalya sets up Alexa for the power bomb, but Naomi comes off the top rope with a block buster eliminating Alexa. Natalya eliminates Naomi after making her tap out from the sharp shooter. Two more quick eliminations with Nikka eliminating Natalya and Carmella eliminating Nikki with a quick roll up. We are down to Becky and Carmella. Becky hits a series of T-bone suplexes and locks her in the dis-arm-her. Carmella taps out. Becky is the first ever Smack Down Live’s Women’s champion! Way to go, girl! You deserved it after being snubbed at WrestleMania!

Backstage we see footage of Bray Wyatt attacking Orton by slamming a door on Orton’s leg. Guess this is the way they are writing him out of tonight’s match.

them momentum heading into their feud against the American Alpha. There is a lot of back and forth action and Ryder hits the double baseball slide, following it up with a missile drop kick on Jimmy. Mojo follows it up with a double shoulder block sending the Usos into the barricade. Usos turn the tables by going on the offensive, with Jey dropping Ryder with a clothesline and rolls him back into a pendulum backbreaker and a snap mare suplex for a near fall. Mojo gets the tag and hits Stinger splashes on the Usos. Jimmy hits a STF like submission on Ryder, who taps out. The Usos advance to face Slater and Rhyno later in the night.

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler, for the intercontinental championship: Prior to the match, Miz cuts a promo on Daniel Bryan, saying that he wants to re-negotiate his contract. The Miz is in control in the initial moments of the match. Miz shoves Ziggler to the floor via a catapult and it looks like Ziggler has injured his shoulder. Miz follows it up with a series of dropkicks. He hits the clothesline in the corner and a double axe handle to the face. Miz goes for the skull crushing finale but Ziggler counters with a dropkick. Ziggler hits the fame Asser, for the first near fall. Ziggler gets Miz into the sleeper and follows it up with a tornado DDT for another near fall. Ziggler goes for the super kick but turns into a DDT and a figure five lock but Ziggler gets to the ropes. He hits Miz with a super kick but Miz kicks out. Maryse sprays something into Ziggler’s eyes and Miz hits the skull crushing finale for the win.

Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton: The referee announces that Randy Orton is unable to compete and via forefeit, declares Wyatt the winner. The announcers say that Wyatt would still compete, against Kane in a no holds barred match. (What? Why? )

Kane vs Bray Wyatt in a no holds barred match: Kane takes the action outside and our most famous victim, the Spanish announce table is ripped. Bray attacks Kane with the ring bell. Back in the ring, Wyatt hits Kane with a flying knee. Kane comes back with a big boot. Kane starts to walk out, but Wyatt stops him with a steel chair shot to the knee. He continues the beat down with the steel chair back in the ring. Kane counters with a running DDT on the steel chair. Kane hits the side walk slam and calls for the choke slam, but Bray throws Kane to the outside. Bray hits a clothesline. Bray sets up Kane on the Spanish announce table and hits the Senton Bomb from the English announce table! WOW! Back in the ring, Wyatt goes for the sister Abigail but Kane counters with a choke slam. Near fall. Wyatt hits a rock bottom on the chair for a near fall of his own. Randy Orton walks down to the ramp and distracts Wyatt and hits him with an RKO. Kane follows it up with a choke slam for the win.

Heath Slater and Rhyno vs the Usos for the tag titles: After offence being exchanged, Usos are in control by hitting a vertical suplex, sending Slater into the ring post. Jimmy hits a super kick for the first near fall of the match. Usos keep Slater grounded and do not allow him to get to tag Rhyno in. Rhyno gets the tag and clears the ring. Belly to belly suplex on Jimmy and goes for the gore, but Jimmy counters it, Rhyno goes into the turnbuckle. Slater tags himself in and hits a couple of neck breakers. A DDT on Jimmy for the near fall. Jimmy goes for the super kick, but Rhyno goes behind him. Slater rolls over Jimmy for the win and are crowned the new tag champions. After the match, they cut a promo where Slater talks about upgrading to a double-wide.

It is now time for the main event of the night, Dean Ambrose defends his WWE Title against AJ Styles.

We are calling it right now, expect AJ Styles to walk out as the new champion for SmackDown Live! This would definitely be one of the nominee matches for the match of the year during the Slammys.

AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose for the WWE title: There is a lot of back and forth action initially. Ambrose starts off with a series of head butts. Styles counters with a drop kick. Ambrose is on the defense with Styles hitting a slam, knee drop and right hands. Ambrose counters with the Irish Whip and Styles avoids! Ambrose counters with right hands, and Styles hits forearms of his own. Styles misses the Stinger splash allowing Ambrose to plant him on the turnbuckle. Styles tries fighting back, but Ambrose delivers a belly to belly suplex. Styles hits a clothesline. Ambrose runs into a boot, another clothesline. Elbow drop from the top rope by Styles. Ambrose counters with a face buster. Styles connects with a vertical suplex to the corner. Ambrose goes for the dirty deeds, but Styles counters. Styles locks in the calf crusher to be countered by Ambrose. Styles now goes for the Styles clash but Ambrose gets to the ropes. Ambrose catapults Styles shoulder first into the ring post.

Styles is back with a series of clotheslines and kicks. Back body drop by Ambrose. Styles hits the power bomb on Ambrose. Styles connects with the spring board shooting star press for a near fall. Styles is sent into the crowd, and Ambrose dives onto him with an elbow. Back in the ring, pele kick by Styles. The referee is distracted, allowing Styles to low blow Ambrose, following It up with the Styles clash for the win. The new WWE champion, AJ Styles. One of the best matches!

Pretty decent card tonight. All the matches ended in a way that could carry forward the feuds. Expect Ziggler and Miz to go at it again, Wyatt and Orton to continue their feud. Ambrose will get his rematch at the next pay per view, along with the Usos going into their program with the American Alpha!

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