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This week’s Summerslam comes in from the Barclay’s center in Brooklyn, New York. This definitely is one of the biggest pay per views in terms of match cards, storylines, unexpected outcomes and some intense back and forth actions and many near falls.

However, after the broadcast of Summerslam, the WWE Network will debut the premiere of the reality series, ‘Holey Foley’, starring WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley. Mick Foley has recently taken over the reins of RAW as the on screen general manager. In a recent interview, he was asked about Vince McMahon and how it was to work under him.

Mick stated that he has always felt and also told Vince McMahon that he is on the level of US presidents. Mick says that sometimes he feels that Vince sometimes forgets that other people need sleep during the night. There are times when superstars receive a call or text at 3 a.m. in the morning, to discuss about creative storylines for the superstar. He says Vince is a person with an immense work ethic and that everyone should also learn from his example.

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Mick went on to say that although Vince carries a very intimidating personality around himself, he does expect superstars and workers to take appointments and meet with him to discuss about the happenings in the business, what they feel etc. Mick feels that the most important move that wrestlers or people in the wrestling business make is not in the ring, but in taking the time to get to know Mr. McMahon. He feels that it is very important for people to have some type of relationship with Vince, as his door is indeed open to employees who want some one on one time with the boss.

In conclusion, he says that with so much of creative input and thought process that goes into the business through Vince, it is quite natural that people assume that he does not like meeting and talking to people or that it is very difficult to get an appointment. But, in reality, it is just the opposite.

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