WWE News: Conor McGregor’s manager says he is willing to entertain a potential WWE offer


Ever since Conor McGregor won two titles on the same night, there have been a lot of potential rumors and assumptions of him having a potential run with the WWE especially in light of his recent feud with almost the entire WWE roster.

There had been rumors of Triple H wanting to sign Conor to a deal with WWE and the rumors were fueled by Triple H being in attendance for Conor’s match. WWE had done their part of upping the ante by posting an article on their website of teasing whether the WWE would be interested in singing Conor for a contract with the WWE.

As a part of Connor’s match Triple H was in attendance for his match and obviously the rumors escalated quickly than we expected. As we all know, Triple H Is responsible for hiring talent to the WWE. The onus of signing Goldberg for the WWE was on Triple H. Look at the pool of talent he has recruited for the NXT. Name any big star in the independent circle and Triple H has signed them all.

During an appearance on the 5ive Rounds’ podcast on ESPN, Audie Atlar, Conor’s manager spoke about the ‘notorious Irishman’ possibly working with the WWE in future. He said that it was all about business at the end of the day and that if the WWE come up with an offer, his client is willing to entertain it. He said all the WWE had to was have them call him and they could have a conversation regarding the same.

Regarding Triple H being in attendance at Madison Square Garden for Conor’s match, referencing the use of Floyd Mayweather to defeat the 7 foot 500 pound giant, the Big Show and using it as a bait to lure Conor into the WWE to use his talent in some form, Audie claimed that Conor had it all and topped it off by saying that Conor was a complete package, with personality, skills, talk and overall entertainer.

Conor was also appreciative of the kind words showered on his client by a top WWE superstar turned top executive. He said that it was highly appreciative that Triple H was at the fights for Connor’s historic fight against Eddie Alvarez at the UFC 205 from a venue more or less synonymous with the WWE. He said that he had heard a lot of positive things said by Triple H and that it is always a good thing to hear good things.

Regarding the potential participation of Connor appearing or possibly wrestling a match for the WWE like Ronda Rousey did with the Rock at WrestleMania 31, Audie declared that it would eventually come down to the money that the WWE is willing to put in. The amount of money would determine Connor’s interest to sign with the company.

He spoke Connor’s mind and said that Connor would want to talk to his friend, Benjamin Franklin to see how many of his friends he would be bringing in before talking about the obligations and contractual stipulations.

Speaking of Conor, he is currently on a hiatus from the fights to be with his better half, Dee Devlin as they expect their first child together in May 2017, this is definitely a good time for Connor to take a few phone calls and negotiate a few deals, as long as the amount of dollars make sense.

You can watch this video of Conor where he walks like Vince McMahon, referred to as the ‘McMahon swag’.

With almost all of the former superstars in the WWE making the transition to MMA, will we see Connor follow suit? It would be always entertaining to have him in the same ring along with Brock Lesnar who completely owned Connor in a promo as a response to Connor’s inflammatory remarks against WWE superstars. With news of the WWE wanting to pursue Ronda Rousey after her stint with the UFC coming to an end and Brock Lesnar open to returning to the octagon in promotional fights, is this the time we see Connor in the squared circle? Time will only tell.

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