WWE News: Jim Ross comments on whether he would ever return to the WWE


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word commentary in WWE? If you’re a lifelong WWE fan, you’d probably have Jim Ross as one of your answers.

Yes! Jim Ross was one of the best commentators in the WWE and one of the best vice presidents of talent relations. He has always had a love hate relationship with Vince McMahon owing to JR speaking his mind and not necessarily agreeing with anything and everything Vince put forward.

Jim Ross was recently interviewed by Jan Murphy for the Toronto Sun as a part of promotions for his one man show in Toronto.

When asked about possibly returning to the WWE, Jim Ross said that if the WWE had to get into a bind somewhere and needed his services for anything, he’d be there in a heartbeat. However, he also added that working full time for someone at his age and current stage of life is not what he has worked all his life for.

He added that he always wanted to have some level of independence both from a financial and professional standpoint as far as his skills are concerned so that he could pick and choose the projects so that he did not have to be on the road every week and could enjoy life.

He concluded his reply to the question by saying that the WWE knows that he is always there and if they needed him, he would always be there.

But, everyone has had to grow and everyone needs to prepare for the future. Unfortunately, Jim Ross is a viable part of the past.

He also touched base on a lot of issues like the current state of the business, the Internet fan base, his upcoming book and how his time with the WWE has helped his career.

As a lifelong fan of JR’s commentary, I can say that if there’s anything that is missing in the epic matches we are having nowadays, it’s good ol’ JR’s commentary and would be absolutely thrilled if he returned!

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