WWE News: Roman Reigns will not be entering the Royal Rumble match. Will he win the Universal Championship?


At WWE Roadblock: End of the Line pay per view recently, Roman Reigns was disqualified after an intervention from Chris Jericho.

Due to the disqualification, Kevin Owens retained his title and as announced on this week’s episode of RAW, will have to defend his title against Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble. An added stipulation to the match is that Chris Jericho would be locked in a shark cage above the ring to prevent any interruptions on his behalf.

One thing that we ought to keep in mind is that Roman Reigns is also the current United States Champion and having him win the big one would have him be established as the power house the WWE wants us to see him as.

As witnessed this week on RAW, Reigns is apparently in line to defend his United States Championship against Braun Strowman and what we witnessed is a minor teaser of what we can expect. The two are expected to go at it at WrestleMania.

So that leaves a big question mark. After being booed the way Reigns was booed the last time he won the Royal Rumble, the WWE would not want him anywhere near the match. Also, it is has been a tradition that usually the competitors who do not participate in any other matches that night are the only ones in the main Royal Rumble match.

Kevin Owens’ reign has been largely underrated mostly due to the presence of Chris Jericho in almost all of Owens’ matches and having him win the matches solely due to Jericho’s efforts. Having Reigns compete for the Universal Title with Jericho completely out of the picture would mean all the roadblocks for his title win have been cleared. Will we finally see Reigns capture the Universal title?

Owens on the other hand is expected to work a program against Jericho, in what might be the last program Jericho will be involved in, before he takes time off from the company post WrestleMania. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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