WWE News: Two current plans for John Cena’s WrestleMania match


Two most recognizable faces in the WWE who have recently been granted a part time schedule, apart from a guaranteed hall of fame induction are John Cena and Randy Orton. Both the superstars started their in ring career with the WWE almost at the same time and had similar rise to stardom. The two have had a combined 27 title reign between them. Another noticeable feature is that both the superstars had to miss WrestleMania 32 on account of injury.

Fast forward to the future, with both of them involved in current storylines on the same brand, and working part time schedules. Talking about John Cena, there are two possible options the WWE has in place for the 15 time world champion at WrestleMania, unless he is injured. One possibility that the WWE has been toiling with ever since WrestleMania 31 has been a match against the Undertaker.

Although Taker has remained non-committal about his role at next year’s WrestleMania, WWE seems to be intent on having the match. Given the current issues between the WWE and Taker, if the WWE is not able to convince Taker for a match, it is said that WWE has a plan B in place for Cena.

The plan B for Cena is to have him win the WWE Heavyweight title for a record 16th time, tying with the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Although Cena is currently involved in storyline with AJ Styles for the title, it is not expected that Cena would win the title. Styles may continue his program with Dean Ambrose and we may see a back and forth change of title between the two heading into the Royal Rumble. Cena currently is scheduled to take time off after his match against Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles and is expected to make a return around Survivor Series, the next big pay per view for the WWE.

Although he is not expected to win the Royal Rumble, he is scheduled to be featured in championship storylines heading into WrestleMania if the match with Taker does not fall into place.

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