WWE RAW Results – 11/21/2016


This is the fallout from the Survivor Series pay per view. Lot of things have transpired in the past 24 hours.

Reports have emerged that it was Brock Lesnar’s idea to have his match a short squash match as he felt that Goldberg meant money and was keen on setting up a third bout between the two.

Apparently, he ran the idea by Vince and Vince seemed to be happy with the idea.

Speaking of Goldberg, it was announced earlier today that the superstar has signed a new contract with the WWE and will be sticking around till the Royal Rumble. The reason they did not have Goldberg in any sort of physicality in the match was due to his nagging knee and shoulder injuries. In a way, it worked out for the best as the Beast would come back stronger than ever against Goldberg. He came off as an over confident fighter, who took Goldberg lightly.

It appears that Brock would get back to more training and have an intense schedule of work out to extract ‘revenge’. Regarding the finish of the match, it is being reported that most of the locker room did not know of the finish and most of them were utterly shocked by the way the match ended. It was believed that Lesnar would come out strong and eventually take revenge on Goldberg.

Another fallout from the Survivor Series pay per view is Stephanie McMahon announcing that the sole survivors of the tag team for RAW, Sheamus and Cesaro would face the New Day tonight on RAW with the tag titles on the line.

From the SmackDown Live side of things, it appears that Shane McMahon was legitimately injured after the coast to coast move. Randy Orton broke character and spoke to Shane’s kids and tried to console them.

He added that he himself was a father and knew how the kids would feel to see their dad beat up! Kudos, Randy! Randy is expected to miss this week’s episode of SmackDown Live to be with his wife as they expect their second child. He is not advertised till the house show on 29th of this month.

Baron Corbin is expected to go behind Kalisto as seen at the pay per view. The Bellas have launched their own YouTube channel, the Bella Twins. They launched it via the official YouTube channel of the WWE. Expect more about the storyline where Nikki was attacked heading into her match at Survivor Series.

Expect more from the Miz, who commented about Daniel Bryan not congratulating him for retaining the Intercontinental Championship and having the title on SmackDown Live

WWE also released the official trailer for their upcoming pay per view, Roadblock: End of the Line which comes in from the PPG Points Arena, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, on the 18th of December. WWE also announced a new live event for NXT, called NXT Riverside, from California on the 15th of December. Triple H announced the news for NXT via his twitter account.

This week’s RAW comes in from the Air Canada Center, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The following points are being advertised for tonight:

  • What’s next for Bill Goldberg after his two minute victory over the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar?
  • The tag team titles are on the line, New Day defend their gold against Sheamus and Cesaro. Will they be victorious?
  • Will Bayley finally get a shot at Charlotte’s title?
  • Will Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho be able to co-exist after the ‘list of Jericho’ caused them the match last night?
  • What’s next for Seth Rollins?

We start things off with the man who defeated the Beast in under three minutes, Goldberg.

He talks about his victory from last night and thanks the WWE Universe for their support. He says that after his match at Survivor Series, Stephanie spoke to him backstage and asked if he had one last WWE Championship run left in him!! HOLY COW!! Goldberg says he does, and that he has a message for the WWE Universe.

He warns everyone in the Royal Rumble saying, ‘You’re Next!’ Oh my god! This is epic! What a way to kick things off for RAW! I’m waiting to see how and when Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman respond to Goldberg!

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