WWE RAW Results – 11/28/16


This week’s episode of RAW comes in live from Charlotte, North Carolina from the Spectrum Center.

As always let’s look at the events transpired in the last week. We have an update on why the WWE signed Bill Goldberg.

Dave Meltzer noted that the WWE’s plan to have Goldberg lose his one-off match was changed in the last minute due to the dip in recent ratings. Apparently the WWE believed that bringing Goldberg would be good for their viewership in 2017 rather than having it more of a one match deal.

So obviously with Goldberg being back, the obvious plan of Shane McMahon vs Lesnar is being scrapped in favor of Goldberg vs Lesnar III.

Regarding the match, another update came in saying that the WWE announcers were reportedly told to call the match differently. Apparently the WWE management wanted the announcers to call the match like a fight unlike the other matches on the card.

The feeling was that the goal of the WWE was to have an MMA-style finish with the opinion that the audience were familiar enough with the UFC and the fans would not be disappointed by the short squash match if presented in more like a fight than a regular match.

In other news, Booker T weighed in on Taker’s status with the WWE on his latest episode of Heated Conversations with Booker T podcast. He was answering questions from fans regarding a variety of topics and when asked about how many years of in-ring career the Deadman had, Booker T mentioned that there would come a time when Taker would himself tell the WWE that he is done.

He also expressed surprise and showered praise on Taker for making himself available for WrestleMania 33 instead of having more work done to repair his bad knees.

Rumors have been swirling around all day about Roman Reigns dropping the United States Championship to Chris Jericho, given that he is scheduled to take on Owens for the Universal title next.

Regarding tonight’s show, both Brock Lesnar and Goldberg are not advertised for the show.

But the Beast Incarnate’s advocate, Paul Heyman is scheduled to make an appearance on tonight’s show. Apart from this, WWE is focusing on the following points for tonight’s show:

  • Sasha Banks squares off against Charlotte for the Women’s championship tonight.
  • Will we see the sun set on the New Day?
  • An altogether different ‘gift of Jericho’ is being advertised for tonight.
  • What is next for Enzo and Cass?
  • What’s next for Brian Kendrick and Rich Swann?

Chris Jericho is out to open the night with the Highlight Reel and introduces his guest, his best friend, Kevin Owens. Owens rips people fighting for the Black Friday sales and the American thanksgiving. Owens calls himself and Jericho superior since they are from Canada and that their thanksgiving is in October.

Owens and Jericho talk about what they are thankful for tonight and that is Seth Rollins not being here tonight. Immediately, Roman Reigns is out and says Owens is a joke of a champion. He adds on that Owens is a champion only because of Jericho’s help. Jericho tries to tell Reigns that he just made the list, but is asked to shut up by Owens.

Owens tells Roman that he cannot talk to him that way and Reigns challenges him to a match. Reigns says he wants a match against Owens tonight and if Reigns wins, he gets a title shot at the Universal Championship at Roadblock. Owens accepts.

Backstage Jericho confronts Owens about why he asked him to shut up. Owens yells saying that he is tired of people saying that he would not have been champion had it not been for Jericho. They argue with each other and appear to break off their friendship prompting Jericho to walk off.

Braun Strowman vs R-Truth: Strowman starts off with clotheslines and follows it up with a splash in the corner. Strowman continues offense with a running power slam for the win in a very short squash match.

Post-match, Strowman beats down on Goldust. Zayn comes out for the save, but Strowman drops Zayn and ties his legs up in the turnbuckle.

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