WWE RAW Results 12 September 2016 Continued


Backstage, Seth is complaining about Foley giving a match to Reigns. Foley snaps and gets Seth to promise that he will not interfere in the match. Seth walks away, calling Foley a fool.

We are informed that at Clash of Champions it is going to be Chris Jericho vs Sami Zayn.

Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox: Nia is in total control of the match. She throws Alicia by the hair into the barricade and then into the floor. Nia spears Alicia into the barricade. Referees call for the bell.

New Day comes out next and cuts a promo about how bad last week’s promo with the Club was. The Club is out and they cut a promo and we have a tag team match.

New Day vs. the Club: New Day are in the offense initially. Gallows throws Kofi outside and Anderson drops him. He throws Kofi back and Gallows hits a big boot and elbow drops for a two count. Anderson tags in and kicks Kofi in the face. He follows it up with a spine buster for a near fall. Gallows kicks Kofi out of the ring as the heels continue their dominance. Xavier is tagged in but he is slowed down by the Club. Xavier hits a kick and tornado DDT. He hits a flying elbow drop from the top rope on Anderson for two count. Kofi comes off the top rope, but Gallows connects with a boot mid-air. Gallows and Anderson hit the magic killer on Xavier for the win.

Reigns cuts a promo back stage about wanting to be the Universal champion.

Jinder Mahal is talking in some foreign language. He then says in English that he has found peace. He is interrupted by Jack Swagger and we have a match.

Jack Swagger vs Jinder Mahal: Mahal is in control of the initial moments of the match. He locks in a chin lock but Swagger counters with a back body drop. Swagger hits a couple of clotheslines and a spine buster. Swagger goes for the swagger bomb but misses. Jinder hits the neck breaker for the win.

Post-match, Swagger is interviewed about his contract with WWE RAW expiring soon. He walks away.

Epico vs Enzo Amore: Epico is dominant in the initial few moments of the match. Enzo hits a tornado DDT. Big Cass drops Primo with a big boot at ring side. Epico hits a suicide dive on Cass. Enzo hits a splash on Epico on the floor. Epico reverses a suplex and pins Enzo. Primo holds on to Enzo’s legs from ring side and Enzo is unable to kick out.

 Seth Rollins confronts Kevin Owens. Owens says Reigns does not have a chance of beating him and says that Reigns did everything in the shield. Owens calls Rollins bitter for Triple H realizing that Owens is better. Owens said that Rollins has been a failure since he returned and Owens won the Universal title on his first shot. Foley interrupts and warns Seth of consequences if he interferes in the match tonight.

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Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens: Reigns is on the offense initially. Owens drives Reigns into the corner and follows it up with an Irish whip and high elbow. Near fall on Reigns. Reigns fights back, who reverses another Irish whip attempt and connects with a boot. Owens slides to the outside, Reigns follows him with a baseball slide. Reigns whips Owens into the barricade. Back in the ring, right hands by Reigns who runs into an elbow following an Irish whip. Clothesline from behind by Owens and follows it up with a senton. Owens goes for the chin lock, but Reigns hits a suplex. Clothesline by Reigns. Owens catches Reigns with a kick and pushes him into the ring post. Owens yells at Reigns saying he sucks.

The crowd chants the same. Reigns fights and breaks a headlock and hits a few shots. Owens moves away as Reigns rams into the ring post. Owens follows it up by sending Reigns into the barricade and steel steps. Rollins interferes and attacks Owens. Foley comes out and restarts the match. Owens throws Reigns into the steps again. Reigns turns him inside out with a clothesline and hits the Samoan drop countering a super kick. Owens bites to get out of a superplex. Reigns goes for it again, but Owens counters with a fisherman’s buster from the middle rope. Owens hits a frog splash for a near fall.Reigns hits the super man punch but for a near fall.

Owens sets up for the power bomb but Reigns counters with his own for a two count. Rusev runs to the ring distracting Reigns, allowing Owens to hit the finisher and pick up the win.

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