WWE RAW Results – 8/8/2016


Sincara and Neville vs the Dudley Boys: Bubba starts off against Sincara and hits the big boot. Tag to D-Von who continues working on Sincara. Neville gets the hot tag and clears the ring.

D-Von accidentally clotheslines Bubba and Neville connects with a kick to D-Von and suicide dive on Bubba on the outside. Neville goes back into the ring and hits a missile drop kick, followed by shooting star press for the win.

Thoughts: Unless they’re trying to break up one of the beloved tag teams of our generation, a great way to portray Neville’s athletic prowess.

Rusev is out to cut a promo about his recent marriage to Lana. He says they’re going to recreate the wedding and the crowd chants boring! Reigns is out and says he noticed that Rusev did not have a best man. He volunteers. Reigns challenges Rusev to a match for the U.S. Title at Summerslam. Rusev declines. Some cheap name calling on Lana by Reigns. The ruse has heard enough and connects with right hands. Reigns comes back with a big head butt and pushes Rusev onto Lana, who falls into the wedding cake.

Thoughts: Now this is the way you build up Roman Reigns. Have him feud for mid card titles first and then have him climb the ladder gradually. Just the way you did it with The Rock, Austin, Batista, John Cena to name a few. Good move on WWE’s part. I think it’s safe to say we’re going to have a match for the U.S. Title at Summerslam.

Sasha vs Dana Brooks: Sasha is on the offence right away. Hits a hip toss and running knee for a two count. Dana hits Sasha to the turnbuckle but Sasha counters with clotheslines and a dropkick. Charlotte tries to interfere, but hits Dana by mistake. Double stomp by Sasha for the win.

Finn Balor responds to Seth’s promo from a dark room, talking about giants and mythical creatures that inspire him.

Anderson and Gallows are dressed as doctors and cut a promo about their attack last week. They hold up a jar with boiled eggs and compares to Big E’s nuts.

Gallows vs Kofi: Respective tag partners at ring side. Kofi starts off with the offence, with a suicide dive onto Gallows taking him on the floor. Kofi gets distracted by Anderson who lays out Woods on the outside. Gallows takes advantage and gets the pin over Kofi.

After the match, they try to do what they did last week on Big E to Xavier, but he counters with a steel chair.

Thoughts: Turning out to be another interesting feud. The club is being portrayed unstoppable. Will we see a change of title? Looks like we will!

Foley is out and says he wants to have a word with Daniel Bryan. They start off by complementing each other’s shows. They start trash talking each other, about Lesnar and Orton invading their respective shows. Rusev is out and says he will crush Bryan. Cesaro interrupts and says he wants a U.S. Title match. Foley agrees and we have a U.S. Title match now.

Rusev vs Cesaro: Cesaro starts off with uppercuts. Rusev rolls to the outside to retreat but Cesaro hits a splash and cross body. Near fall. Cesaro goes for another cross body but misses. Rusev is now in control. Cesaro comes back with a power slam out of nowhere and a stomp for another near fall. More upper cuts by Cesaro, and a tornado DDT. Rusev gets the accolade on Cesaro but Cesaro fights out. Cesaro lays Rusev out with a springboard corkscrew uppercut. Time for the Cesaro Swing!!! Cesaro applies the sharp shooter.

Sheamus hits the ring and distracts Cesaro. Cesaro turns around into a big boot. Another near fall. Cesaro pushes Rusev into Sheamus and ref gets bumped in between. Bad day for refs tonight! Cesaro connects with the Neutralizer, but ref is out cold. Rusev pokes Cesaro in the eye and Sheamus big boots him. Rusev picks up the win.

Post-match, Reigns comes down and hits the spear on Rusev. Close of show.

Thoughts: It seems it’s going to be a fatal 4 way at Summerslam for the U.S. Title. Cesaro had the title won, had it not been for Sheamus. He’s always so near yet so far.

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