WWE RAW Results From October 24 | Sheamus and Cesaro vs Big E and Kofi Kingston


The New Day is out, to make fun of Sheamus. Kofi says that it is shameful on their part to even let Sheamus come out every week. They claim that nobody wants to see Sheamus, and leads the crowd to start a ‘shame’ chant.

Sheamus and Cesaro vs Big E and Kofi Kingston: Kofi and Big E dominate the match initially and take turns in hitting splashes. Big E follows it up with a clothesline. They stomp on Sheamus, till he rolls out of the ring. Sheamus and Cesaro turn the tables with quick tags and hit the European uppercuts on both in succession on Kofi. Sheamus hits a big boot on Kofi after a shower of blows to the chest. Cesaro tags himself in and goes for the spear, but misses and goes shoulder first into the ring post.

Sheamus and Big E tag themselves in and Big E hits a series of belly to belly suplexes. Cesaro and Kofi tag themselves in and Cesaro avoids a DDT and counters with a vertical suplex for a two count. Cesaro goes for the swing, but Kofi avoids and hits the SOS for a near fall. Big E and Sheamus tag themselves in and Big E hits the clothesline on Sheamus. Big E launches Kofi for a splash onto Sheamus on the outside, but Sheamus avoids and Cesaro catches Kofi with a big European upper cut mid-way! WOW! In the ring, Sheamus hits the big boot on Big E, picking up the victory for his team.

Bayley vs Dana Brooke: Dana cuts a promo before the match, explaining that although she requested for a match tonight, it was not for a wrestling match, but an arm wrestling match. We have ourselves an arm wrestling match. The crowd is not very pleased and start a ‘This is stupid!’ chant! Indeed, it is! Dana wins the first round quickly. The crowd is pissed and start a ‘boring’ chant. Bayley is about to win round two, but Dana drops Bayley with a right hand. Bayley comes back with a belly to belly.

Chris Jericho runs into Stephanie and whines about the list not being in the locker room. Stephanie says that no matter what, Jericho has to wrestle in the main event tonight. They argue about whether or not Stephanie was on the list.

Curtis Axel comes to the ring, in his hometown. He says Bo Dallas betrayed him last week. He adds that every single time that he steps into the ring, he represents his grandfather, The Axe Henning and his father, Mr. Perfect. Bo is out next, and we have a match.

Curtis Axel vs Bo Dallas: Both the superstars need a push! Wonder where the WWE is going with this! Bo starts off with a right hand, Axel follows it up with a right hand of his own. Axel is able to hit the perfect-plex for a two count. Bo trips Axel from the floor. Axel comes back with a series of clotheslines topping it off with a flying elbow. He follows it up with a running knee. He goes for the cover, but only gets a two count. Axel hits Bo with a series of knees to the face from the middle rope. The referee breaks it up and out of nowhere, Bo rolls up Axel for the win. Although you feel happy for Bo, you have got to feel sad for Axel. Poor guy is only used to train returning superstars like The Rock and Brock Lesnar. Yes! He trained them during their initial return to the ring! At least book Bo and Axel in a match at a pay per view!

Jericho is still shown looking for his list backstage. A random employee claims that he saw the list and points Jericho to it. Jericho walks over to find Brawn Strowman holding the list! This was unexpected! Strowman asks Jericho to say please and gives him back the list. Strowman complains that Sami Zayn is not on the list and walks off. What?! Jericho adds that Zayn is on the list, on page 4. He adds Strowman to his list for touching his property. Haha! Hilarious!

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