WWE RAW Results Nov 21 | Noam Dar vs TJ Perkins vs Rich Swann And More


The cruiserweight champion, Brian Kendrick is out next. He is on commentary for the next number one contenders match for the Cruiserweight title.

Noam Dar vs TJ Perkins vs Rich Swann: It is announced that the winner of the match will face Brian Kendrick on the 205 Live premiere next Tuesday. Swann and Dar go at it. He connects with a drop kick on Dar, who rolls to the outside. Perkins and Swann are trading offense now. Perkins gets the upper hand eventually.

Dar comes back in and works on Swann’s leg. Perkins connects with an upper cut to Dar who blocks a detonation kick and retaliates with an ankle lock submission. Swann connects with a kick to Perkins.

Perkins locks in the knee bar on Swann, but Dar breaks it up. Dar connects with a drop kick in the corner on Perkins, who ends up applying the knee bar on Dar. Swann connects with the rolling thunder on Perkins and a sick kick to Perkins for the win.

Kevin Owens is being interviewed backstage. Owens cuts a promo about how bad Seth Rollins performed at Survivor Series. Owens says that the reward for having Rollins on Team RAW would be the title shot, which would also be a punishment for Rollins blowing things up. Owens says that this is a big match and that the winner of the match would be Kevin Owens.

No disqualification match for the WWE Universal Championship is next.

Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens with both Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns banned from ring side for this match: Is this the time we will finally see Triple H come back and cost Seth the title again? Royal Rumble is on the horizon and this would be a great way to set things up. Let’s wait and watch what happens. The champion is out first. Owens tries to escape, but Rollins takes things to the outside. Rollins calls for the spring board knee, and goes for the pin to get a two count. Owens connects with a pop up power bomb for a two count.

Owens connects with a DDT and goes for the pin but gets a two count. Owens brings in a chair and uses it on Rollins. He continues to trash talk Rollins. Rollins tries to comeback and connects with the sling blade, which sends Owens over the top rope to the outside. Rollins runs through the ropes and dives onto Owens. Rollins stands the chair and jumps off it shoving Owens into the corner. Rollins drops Owens face first into the chair.

He goes for the pin but gets a two count. Owens is sent to the outside. Rollins tries to go for the frog splash, but Owens avoids and moves out of the way. Owens places a steel chair on Rollins and hits the cannon ball in the corner. He pins Rollins again, only to get a two count again.

Owens sets up two chairs together, to set up a power bomb on Rollins. Rollins blocks and counters with a backdrop onto both the chairs. He gets another two count here. Rollins gets a table into the ring.

Fans are ecstatic and start a ‘This is awesome’ chant here. Rollins super kicks Owens for another two count. Rollins connects with an enziguri. Rollins blocks Owens’ attempt for a super plex and sends him through the table in a power bomb. Owens kicks out at two again. Owens retreats and goes to the outside.

Rollins follows him and clotheslines him over the barricade. Rollins whips Owens into a trash can. Owens goes for a pop up power bomb on the floor, but Rollins holds on to the wall and leaps off the entrance onto Owens. Rollins connects with a back drop on Owens into the barricade.

Rollins jumps on to the barrier to make a move but is tripped by someone from behind. It appears to be a fan in a Lucha mask. Rollins is punched by the fan. Rollins pulls off the mask and it is Chris Jericho. Owens takes advantage and kicks Rollins, following it up with a power bomb on the apron. Owens gets the three count.

Owens and Jericho celebrate at ring side, as referees check on Rollins.

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