WWE RAW Results Nov. 28, 2016 | The New Day vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson And More


We get Paul Heyman’s pre-taped sit-down interview with Michael Cole. Heyman says there is no denying that they screwed up and that they took Goldberg lightly.

He says fantasy warfare got real and that Goldberg is a relic stepping back into the ring after 12 years and they thought it would be the easiest payday of Brock’s career.

Heyman says Goldberg hit the spear and cracked Lesnar’s ribs. Cole asks Heyman how they are dealing with all of this. Heyman says Cole does not care and he gets emotional here.

He says ribs come with the job, but it is the humiliation what is bad. Heyman says that this is a part of Lesnar’s legacy now and it will definitely go down in history that Goldberg did beat Lesnar in less than two minutes.

xHeyman says they have ups and downs but this is an embarrassing situation and has put Lesnar in a mind-set where he has something to prove and that is what scares Heyman the most.

He asks Cole to think about what a Lesnar with something to prove is capable of doing. Heyman thinks we have never seen this side of Brock Lesnar.

Cole asks Heyman what is next and Heyman responds that if Lesnar has anything to prove he will prove it in the 30-man Royal Rumble. Heyman confirms that Lesnar will be in the 30-man event with Goldberg in January.

RAW Tag team title match: The New Day vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson: The New Day is out first and they cut a promo about retaining their titles last week and eventually breaking Demolition’s record.

Gallows and Anderson ambush to start and keep control for a quick pin attempt. Gallows is on offense with Xavier Woods. Kofi who is not in the match interferes and allows Woods to drop Gallows with a kick.

Big E and Anderson are going at it. Big E unloads on Anderson, but Anderson cuts him off. Big E connects with a spear off the apron. Woods tags himself in, but Gallows kicks Big E preventing the double team.

Anderson connects with a spine buster on Woods for a two count. Gallows tags himself in and connects with a double team attack but Woods kicks out at two. Anderson tags himself back in to connect with the magic killer but Big E interrupts. Gallows man handles Big E while Anderson scoops Woods.

Anderson runs into a kick from Woods who follows it up with an honor roll but it is blocked. Woods connects with a big elbow and Anderson connects with an uppercut. Anderson connects with a roll up for a two count.

Woods connects with a roll up on Anderson for the win.

Sasha Banks is shown getting ready for her match. Bayley walks in and says that tonight’s match is a huge deal and that she came to wish Sasha good luck and knows that Sasha does not need it.

Bayley says she does not care if it is Charlotte’s home town and Bayley goes on but Sasha cuts her off. Sasha means no disrespect, but it is not about Bayley tonight, it is about the title.

Sasha talks about Charlotte disrespecting everyone including her father, Ric Flair. Sasha says that this town needs a real champion and a real celebration. She says that she is dedicating her win to Ric Flair tonight and that she will become a three time RAW Women’s champion tonight and asks Charlotte to get ready.

It has been advertised that Ric Flair is backstage tonight, so he may make an appearance during the match.

Bayley wishes her good luck and walks away.

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks for the RAW Women’s Championship in a falls count anywhere match: Sasha sends Charlotte to the outside and follows her with a dive.

Sasha connects with a suplex. Sasha ducks a clothesline from Charlotte and connects with a kick. Sasha connects with another kick on Charlotte sending her out of the ring. Both Sasha and Charlotte hit double clotheslines on each other on the outside and both are down as we go for the final commercial break of the night.

Charlotte is in control of the match and locks in the figure four. Sasha counters and connects with knees to the face. Sasha connects with running knees to the corner.

Charlotte tries to connect with a suplex but Sasha lands on the apron. Sasha is kicked by Charlotte in the head, sending Sasha to the outside and it appears Sasha is out cold. Charlotte gets a two count on the floor. She connects with a Natural Selection off the steel steps but gets a two count.

Sasha attacks Charlotte with a kendo stick till Charlotte connects with a neck breaker on the floor. She applies the figure eight on Sasha on the floor. Sasha breaks the figure eight and a brawl breaks out.

Charlotte walks to the announce table and connects with a moonsault to the floor. She goes for the pin, but Sasha still kicks out at two.

Charlotte drags Sasha to the ringside who fights back and hits Charlotte with a back drop. Sasha leaps off the barrier with double knees for another two count. Charlotte is at the receiving end of Sasha with a kendo stick. They fight into the crowd and onto a set of stairs.

Sasha applies the Bank Statement on the railing and Charlotte taps out.

Post-match, Sasha heads back for her celebration but outcomes WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair who hugs Sasha and raises her arm in celebration. Flair leaves as Charlotte is shown crying from the steps.

–End of Show—

Make sure to join us for the play by play coverage of SmackDown Live tomorrow as we look at what is in store for AJ Styles and James Ellsworth. We will also find out what tricks the Miz has up his sleeve.

Also, Bray Wyatt and Orton would be teaming up to take on the American Alpha with the winner of the bout scheduled to get a shot at Rhyno and Slater’s tag titles at TLC which airs over the next weekend.

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