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We have the tag team titles match up next.

Cesaro and Sheamus vs The New Day: Cesaro and Big E start things off for their respective teams. There is plenty of back and forth action and Cesaro surprises Big E by over powering him. Sheamus tags himself in quickly and continues to work on Big E. Cesaro and Kofi get the tags respectively and Kofi goes for a cross body off the top rope but Cesaro catches him and counters with a a back breaker.

Cesaro calls for the Cesaro swing on Kofi and locks him in the sharp shooter. Kofi is able to get out and there’s an altercation that breaks out between Sheamus and the New Day. Due to the confusion, Kofi rolls up Cesaro from behind into a small package and gets the three count for the win.

Chris Jericho is being interviewed backstage and is asked about what transpired at Survivor Series. He says that he will reveal who needs to be blamed for the loss last night later tonight.

Enzo is backstage roaming around naked as he is locked out of his locker room, apparently. The Shining Stars trash talk him and Enzo runs into Titus. He exchanges a few words with Titus and goes on to Lana and Rusev. Rusev gets into Enzo’s face till Cass shows up and stands up for Enzo till Rusev backs off.

Mick Foley sets up Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman for later tonight.

Credic Alexander vs Ariya Daivari: Daivari cuts a promo before the match, talking about how the Canadians are worse than the Americans. (No better, to be precise). Daivari gets him in a headlock.

Daivari gives a botched springboard maneuver. ( You were saying Americans were better someway, eh?) He clotheslines Cedric who mounts a comeback, dropping Daivari with a flying clothesline. Credic hits the Lumbar check for the win.

Chris Jericho is out next to talk about how the list of Jericho got destroyed last night. Owens interrupts and they have a back and forth conversation about who needs to be blamed for the loss last night.

Owens blames Reigns for the loss, leading the crowd into a YES chant. Jericho and Owens hug it out and it seems the best friends are back together after blaming Reigns for the loss.

As an update to what we reported previously, it is announced that Bill Goldberg would be the number one entrant to the Royal Rumble this year!!

Rusev vs Enzo: Rusev unloads on Enzo and gets shoved into the corner. Enzo quickly goes for the roll up but gets only a two count. He kicks Enzo to the ground. Rusev locks Enzo in the accolade and Enzo taps out. Big Cass immediately runs to the ring and makes the save for Enzo immediately after the match.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows vs. the Golden Truth: You know what, WWE needs to push the Golden truth now. Enough of having them job to others. Goldust is a tag team specialist! It is announced that the winners of this match would be named the number one contenders to the New Day’s tag titles.

Goldust and Anderson start things off for their respective teams. Truth gets the tag and connects with a hip toss on Anderson. Goldust tags himself back in and starts work on Anderson. Truth and Gallows tag themselves for their respective teams and Anderson and Gallows connect with the Magic Killer for the win.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are now the number one contenders for the tag team titles. Wait, what? Again? Please do not blow it up this time! Have New Day overtake the record for the tag titles and have them drop the titles to Anderson and Gallows. No doubt the New Day are entertaining, but it’s getting very staid now.

Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn: As soon as Zayn makes his entrance, Strowman runs down and lays out Zayn. He continues to throw Zayn around till the referee intervenes and checks on Zayn. It appears that Zayn is fine now and Braun launches himself into Zayn. He connects with a big running clothesline in the corner and Braun yells about being a monster.

Braun runs into big boots from Zayn twice. Sami tries fighting back, but Strowman blocks all offense. Sami tries to gain some offense from the ropes, but Strowman sends him flying with just one punch. Sami appears to be laid out. The referee asks Strowman to back off and checks on Strowman.

Strowman grabs Zayn and hits a huge clothesline. He hits another big shot now and Zayn is stumbling around. He continues to load punches on Zayn. The referee again checks on Zayn. Zayn is taken to the top rope and turns him upside down. Foley immediately comes out and tells the referee to stop the match and to ring the bell.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Foley announces that the match is over as Sami Zayn cannot defend himself.

We get a video package of Emma returning as Emmalina.

Charlotte is out next along with Dana Brooke.

Charlotte calls out Bayley and all the other members of team RAW and calls them peasants. She disses hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky and calls herself better than him (Wait, what?).

Sasha is out next and she says that she is still owed a rematch from Hell in a Cell and she wants it right now. Charlotte asks Sasha what she feels about going at it one more time. She says it’s on, but it is not going to happen tonight.

She says RAW takes place from Charlotte next week. She already beat Sasha in Sasha’s hometown and this time, she will beat Sasha in her hometown. (Remember, that Sasha has never lost a title match on RAW). Next, Nia Jax comes out. She says she is not here for Charlotte but for Sasha. She vents at Sasha not being dominant at Survivor Series and calls Sasha an over rated, purple headed, Barbie Doll. OOO!!! Burrrrnnnnnn!!

Sasha retaliates by saying that when she wins back her title, she will show her worth to Nia. Nia adds that Sasha will soon learn that she is not the boss. Sasha also decks on Dana for running her mouth. Nia knocks Sasha into the corner and hits her with a splash.

Charlotte chips in with a cheap shot as Nia and Charlotte double team on Sasha. As expected, Bayley comes out to a huge pop. Even before she can do anything, Sasha is tossed out of the ring, right in front of Bayley’s feet. Bayley tries to get into the ring, but Nia knocks her off from the apron.

Mick Foley books a tag team match between Charlotte and Nia Jax against Sasha Banks and Bayley.

Charlotte and Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley: Charlotte and Bayley start things off for their teams. They pick off from where they left at Survivor Series. Sasha tags in and is in control. Nia floors Bayley for a two count. Charlotte gets a cheap shot on Sasha. Nia throws Bayley around the ring.

She goes for a big move like a splash and Bayley gets out of the way. Bayley is about to make the tag to Sasha, only to be stopped by Charlotte. Bayley counters with a monkey flip. Sasha gets the tag and connects with a cross body on Charlotte.

She goes for the pin, but gets only a two count as Nia breaks the pin. Bayley tries to intervene, but Nia grabs her and Sasha by the throat. She tries to go for a suplex, but Sasha and Bayley reverse into a double suplex. Charlotte rolls up Sasha for another two count. Sasha tries to hit the bank statement on charlotte, but she blocks it. Sasha is somehow able to lock in the Banks statement and eventually Charlotte taps out.

During the segment between Owens, Jericho, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, it is announced that tonight’s main event would be Owens vs Rollins in a No disqualification match for the Universal title, with both Jericho and Reigns banned from ring side.

Rollins is being interviewed about tonight’s main event. He says that the best part about the match is that Jericho is banned from ring side. He says that the title is meant for the best of the best and though he is not taking anything away anything from Owens, everyone knows that when it’s Owens vs Rollins with no interference, he is the man. He says everything comes in a full circle tonight when he takes the title and control of RAW.

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