WWE RAW Results – September 19, 2016


This week’s episode comes in live from the FedEx forum in Memphis, TN. We open the show with Roman Reigns, who is out to talk about what happened last week, only to be interrupted by Stephanie McMahon. She says that Foley and she have come up with a good solution for him, and Foley makes his way out. He books Rusev vs Roman Reigns for the U.S. Title at Clash of Champions. Foley adds that he is offended by people not heeding to his word, so he has to prove a point. He grants Reigns a rematch against Owens tonight. Owens is out to disapprove of the decision.

He is assured by Stephanie that it is a non-title match. Foley adds that the match will take place in a steel cage.

Stephanie is yelling backstage at Foley for putting Owens in a cage match just before Clash of Champions’ title defense. Rusev also appears and tells off Foley. Rusev leaves and it appears Foley received a call from Chris Jericho.

Rusev vs Seth Rollins: This is a non-title match. In the initial moments, both go back and forth pretty evenly. Rollins connects with a blockbuster, following it up with a series of chops. Rollins tries to go to the top rope, but is thrown by Rusev. Rollins comes back with forearm shots and a falcon arrow for the near fall. Rusev blocks a super kick and comes back with a knee to the mid-section, following it up with a kick to the head.

Rusev goes for the Accolade, but Rollins escapes and connects with a flying knee. Rollins follows it up with a suicide dive, following it up with another. Both superstars brawl up the ramp, forcing the referee to make it a double count out. Rollins throws Rusev off the stage and hits Rusev with a splash off the announce table.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke are complaining to Foley about last week’s match. Foley books Charlotte in a match against Bayley and Sasha Banks at Clash of Champions. Charlotte pushes Dana to the floor in anger.

Jericho and Owens are talking backstage about how badly Foley is treating them. Jericho says he is going to make a list of things Foley is doing wrong and when Foley sees it, he will not like it.

Brawn Strowman vs Sin Cara: Sin Cara gets lots of offense initially. Something unexpected from a Strowman match. Strowman eventually gets the upper hand. He throws Sincara to the outside, but Sin Cara comes back with a flying dive. In the ring, Sin Cara goes for a springboard moonsault, but Strowman catches him mid-air and hits a running power slam for the win.

Bayley and Sasha are talking backstage about their match. They agree to disagree about who will take the title from Charlotte at Clash of Champions and get ready for their tag match.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs Sasha Banks and Bayley: Heels are in control of the match initially, until Bayley throws Charlotte into Dana. Bayley then knocks Dana off the apron. Charlotte gets the tag and starts working on Bayley, but Sasha gets the tag and hits a double suplex on Charlotte along with Bayley. Charlotte and Dana take turns working on Sasha’s injured back, till Bayley gets the tag. Dana distracts Bayley, allowing Charlotte to hit a big boot on Banks for the win.

Seth Rollins is cutting a promo about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie denies knowing anything about Triple H’s actions and says maybe he was embarrassed because of Seth losing so much. Stephanie thinks that Owens is the right choice for the Universal title and that he has replaced Seth as the ‘man’. Rollins says Stephanie has lost her touch since Shane returned.

Bo Dallas vs local jobber: After cutting a promo about ‘Bolieving in Bo’, Bo dominates with knees and clotheslines. He hits the spinning reverse DDT for the win.

Cesaro vs Sheamus: Sheamus opens his account for the match by going to work on Cesaro’s injured back. Cesaro comes back with a running uppercut and goes for the swing, but Sheamus gets to the ropes, throwing Cesaro to the outside.

Sheamus tries to go the top, but Cesaro connects with a dropkick, sending Sheamus to the floor. Cesaro goes for the spring board elbow and tries to follow it up with a superplex, but Sheamus hits the White noise onto the apron. Sheamus misses the big boot, but connects with the Irish Curse back breaker, Cesaro kicks out at two. Sheamus hits the Celtic cross for another near fall. Sheamus puts Cesaro in the Texas cloverleaf, but Cesaro is able to escape. Cesaro misses with an upper cut and Sheamus rolls him up for the pin with feet on the ropes.

Referee sees it and Sheamus argues with the referee. Sheamus misses a big boot, and Cesaro comes back with a European uppercut following it with a Neutralizer for the win.

Backstage Jericho confronts Foley about the list he has prepared. Foley avoids him and says he has to deal with cruiser weights. Jericho says since Foley does not want to see his list, he is going to tell the world about what is on his list.

Jericho is out and says Foley ruined RAW ever since he was made the GM. He starts reading things he hates about Foley from the list, only to be interrupted by Enzo and Cass. They poke fun at Jericho for being best friends with Owens. Enzo makes fun of Jericho’s scarf, prompting Jericho to add them onto his list. Jericho calls their insults to be out dated, to be interrupted by the Shining Stars. They just start talking about time shares and they are interrupted by the New Day. They say they have nothing better to do than come out and mess with Jericho. Xavier plugs in an IPhone giveaway from his YouTube show.

They are interrupted by the Club. They say they are taking the tag titles from the New Day on Sunday and trash all the other teams. Jericho says he is starting a new list of stupid idiots and everyone in the ring is one. Jericho starts walking up the ramp, only to be interrupted by Sami Zayn who beats up Jericho at ringside. Everyone in the ring starts brawling.


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