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Summerslam has always been a big event, as this event decides the direction and fate of the superstars in the coming year. This is true in the case of many superstars. This year’s event already has many matches, most of which are difficult to predict.

Pro wrestling world has always been famous for rumors. Few of them turn out to be true, few don’t. Please treat these with a pinch of salt.

There have been reports surfacing that although Reigns is a baby face and being booked as the unstoppable powerhouse, he might eventually not come out on top after his match against Rusev. Whether this is a continuation of his failed drug test reactions, or whether they plan to have him on the mid card for a while remains to be seen. It is being said that WWE finally feels the need to push Rusev massively after seeing the great heel work he is capable of doing. Although Reigns is shown having the last laugh, Rusev’s recent work against Reigns is a pointer to things in store for him in future.

Another match that is leading to unpredictability is the match for the Intercontinental Title. Although the Miz enjoys a large fan base and has come a long way as far as improving his mic skills and honing his work ethic, the WWE seem to feel that it is time for a change now. Miz is great no doubt, especially considering his journey from the Real world to Tough enough to the main roster eventually. We have had five intercontinental title reigns from the Miz already. Apollo Crews is fresh. Having the title on him would be a welcome change and would also help Crews. His push has also seemed to have begun. WWE are in no rush to promote him, the way they did with Reigns. Miz would make a great post and pre match analysis panelist.

However, it is too early to predict what the outcome would be and whether these reports are true. We will know in the next ten days.

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