WWE Rumors: Will we crown new tag team champions at TLC?


There has been a lot of speculation of late regarding the status of the tag team titles on SmackDown Live. As of this writing, the tag titles are held by Heath Slater and Rhyno and they have managed to be well received by the WWE universe thus far.

Most of the crowds seem to be behind Heath Slater as they feel that they can relate to his plight of ‘fending for family’ and wanting to upgrade to a better house and make a decent living.

As witnessed this past week on SmackDown Live, instead of naming the American Alpha as the number one contenders for the titles after their win in the tag team turmoil match, they received a message from the eater of the worlds, Bray Wyatt that he is coming for them along with Randy Orton.

He added that the American Alpha did not necessarily beat all the teams to beat in the WWE and that they would have to go through him and Orton. The winner of their match from next week’s SmackDown Live earns a tag team championship match against Slater and Rhyno at TLC.

Currently, there are rumors floating around that Wyatt and Orton may be the next tag team champions on SmackDown. Not only would that have two ‘pros’ have the tag titles, it would also help the roster gain strength by working against experienced guys like Orton and Wyatt. Besides, it would add the unpredictability factor to the storyline of Orton joining the Wyatt family.

Regarding Slater and Rhyno, it appears that the perceived notion with regards to Rhyno and Slater is more like a ‘comedy act’ and not taking the titles seriously. Having Wyatt and Orton have the titles would bring in a lot of value to the titles.

This would also give Wyatt some sort of a title after his arrival in the WWE. He has always been underutilized or thrown into a mix of different things and never really got the ‘big one’. Will this be the time when we see Wyatt slowly transitioning towards titles?

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