WWE Smack Down Live Results 26 July 2016 – Part 2!


The Miz is out next for his Miz TV segment. He announces that he is the guest on his show tonight and starts bragging about himself. Randy Orton interrupts and challenges the Miz to a match. Maryse accepts the challenge on the Miz’s behalf.

Orton vs the Miz: Orton sells an injury to his shoulder. Miz continues the offence, but Orton connects with an RKO out of nowhere. Surprisingly, he does not go for the pin. Randy waits for the Miz to get to his feet and hits another RKO. 1.2.3. Here’s the winner: Randy Orton.

Thoughts: Great heel work from the Miz in his promo, but the match was more to promote the Viper’s return to the ring after 9 long months. His first match on Smack Down in years. Expect a few more of such pointless matches heading into Summerslam for Orton’s match against the beast incarnate.

Heath Slater makes an entrance through the crowd, beats up an unknown local wrestler who was already in the ring. He takes the microphone and starts complaining about him not being a part of the draft. He says he is the hottest free agent currently, was the star of the 3MB, The Social Outcasts and a former Tag Champion. He says he should be in the main event. Shane comes out and talks to him, while Rhyno appears from under the ring!! Slater turns around into a gore!!

Thoughts: Well, a good way to show a returning Rhyno. He’s also announced as the hottest free agent in wrestling today! Do we smell a push for him? I don’t think so, maybe having his own tag team.

Main event time: Dolph vs Aj Styles vs John Cena vs Apollo Crews vs Baron Corbin vs Bray Wyatt. Some great back and forth action, especially the final moments when all the superstars hit their finishers on each other in tandem. As expected, Cena hits the AA on Styles, Crews, Wyatt and Corbin!!! Cena turns into a phenomenal forearm from AJ, who turns into a super kick from Ziggler. Ziggler with the win!

Thoughts: Well, it was definitely unexpected to see Ziggler come out on top. Expect a great match against Ambrose at Summerslam, maybe on par with their RAW counterparts. Still, lackluster when compared to yesterday’s RAW.

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