WWE SmackDown Live Results – 12/13/2016


We apologize for not covering the RAW results yesterday. Here’s a quick recap of what transpired on last night’s episode of RAW and the fall out:

  • The New Day retained the tag team championships in a triple threat match against the Club and Cesaro and Sheamus
  • Braun Strowman defeated Curtis Axel.
  • Ariya Daivari vs Lince Dorado ended in a no contest
  • Brian Kendrick defeated TJ Perkins
  • Bayley defeated Alicia Fox
  • Sami Zayn defeated Jinder Mahal
  • New Day defeated Jeri-KO and Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns to retain their tag team titles again in their second triple threat match of the night.

The General Manager of RAW, Mick Foley announced that Sami Zayn will finally get his long requested rematch against Braun Strowman at the Roadblock pay per view, this Sunday from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Foley announced that the match would have a time limit of ten minutes.

This is what the card for Roadblock looks like right now:

  1. Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship
  2. Sasha Banks vs Charlotte for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship in a 30 minute Ironman match with the clause that there will be no further rematches for either of the competitors.
  3. Rich Swann vs TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
  4. Seth Rollins vs Chris Jericho
  5. Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman in a ten-minute time limit match
  6. Kickoff show: Rusev vs Big Cass.

Another update from RAW was that the WWE premiere of Emmalina has been postponed yet again with no further explanations.

This week’s episode of SmackDown Live has been previewing a WWE Championship title match between AJ Styles and James Ellsworth. Also scheduled for tonight is a tag team battle royal to determine the new number one contenders for the Wyatt family’s tag team titles.

Announced participants are, Heath Slater and Rhyno, American Alpha, The Hype Bros, Breezango, The Vaudevillains, The Ascension and the Usos. Also announced that famed comedian Gabriel Iglesias would be making an appearance on tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live.

This week’s episode comes in from the Verizon Center in Washington DC.

We open things up with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan backstage watching a replay from last week’s episode of the main event. Ellsworth walks in sneezing and coughing and McMahon and Bryan cut promos on him. Shane says Ellsworth cannot compete in his current condition, given he is sneezing and coughing and blowing his nose.

The Miz and Maryse are out in the ring and they welcome AJ Styles. Looks like we are going to have another episode of the Miz TV.

They start cracking jokes on Ellsworth and AJ says sooner or later he is going to destroy Ellsworth. The Miz says since he has beaten all the people who beat AJ Styles, he is better than AJ Styles. They get into each other’s face till Dean Ambrose interrupts and Ziggler follows. There is a brawl that breaks out and AJ rolls out of the ring and Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds on both The Miz and Ziggler.

Immediately the Wyatt Family graphic plays and Luke Harper comes out and attacks Ambrose from behind. Harper stares down AJ Styles as Styles runs to the back.

AJ Styles approaches Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon and demands protection as there are so many wrestlers coming after him. Bryan and Shane announce that there will be a fatal four way match between the Miz, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper to determine the number one contender, who would be facing AJ Styles for the World Championship on the last SmackDown Live of the year 2016.

Carmella vs Natalya: Nikki Bella is on commentary for the match and prior to the match Natalya tries to convince Nikki that it was not her who attacked her at Survivor Series. There is competitive action between Natalya and Carmella and things go outside the ring. Natalya tries to convince Nikki again and when Carmella goes for a clothesline on Nikki from behind, Natalya shoves Nikki out of the way.

In the ring, Carmella rolls Natalya up in the small package for the win.

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias is backstage trading a promo with Apollo Crews. Maryse interrupts and starts insulting Iglesias. The Miz trades insults with Gabriel and Crews but eventually loses the war of words and walks away.

Tag team battle royal: Simon Gotch is eliminated first, but is void since both members need to be eliminated separately. Viktor, Chad Gable and Rhyno are eliminated in quick succession. Rhyno is eliminated when Slater accidentally bumps him off the apron. Breeze proceeds to eliminate Mojo and Jordan eliminates English and Slater proceeds to eliminate Fandango. Jordan spears everyone and connects with overhead superplexes.

Konnor tries to throw Jordan over and Breeze comes over with a drop kick and sends Jordan over the ropes. The final four in the ring are, Konnor, Breeze, Slater and Ryder.

Konnor throws Slater to the outside and connects on Ryder and Breeze with clotheslines. Ryder connects with a missile dropkick on Breeze and out of nowhere Konnor connects with a spear on Breeze sending him to the outside for the elimination. Konnor calls for the power bomb on Ryder, but Ryder reverses into a hurricanrana, sending Konnor to the outside.

Ryder wins the match and the Hyper Bros are the new number one contenders for the Wyatt’s tag team titles. The two will face off on the last episode of SmackDown Live of 2016.

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss: Alexa was originally scheduled to face a local jobber, but she claims she does not do charity and beats her down. Becky Lynch interrupts and Shane books a match between the two. Equal offense from both sides, till Becky connects with a flying forearm and follows it up with the Dis-arm-her.

Alexa goes for the ropes and rolls to the outside. It appears Alexa is injured and Mauro Ronallo notes that she is injured. Alexa loses out to the referee’s ten count and she loses the match, but still retains the title. Alexa starts fighting back and it appears she was not injured. Becky retaliates and eventually connects with a power slam and starts pummeling till Alexa retreats with her title.

We get a look of Randy Orton’s new movie, Shooter.

Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz vs Luke Harper: AJ Styles is on commentary for this match. Harper lays out everyone initially. Ambrose rolls to the outside and Harper flies with a suicide dive. Harper rolls back into the ring and stares at the Miz. Miz clips Harper and Harper slaps him and connects with a michinoku driver for a two count. Ambrose and Ziggler take turns in hitting running drop kicks on Harper. The Miz connects with Yes kicks and connects with running drop kicks on Ziggler.

Ambrose blocks one of the clotheslines and connects with a running bull dog on Miz. Ambrose goes for a suicide dive on Harper, but Harper blocks it with a big boot. Harper connects with a back breaker on Ziggler and follows it up with a back breaker and chops Ziggler on the chest. Harper drops the Miz and locks the Torture Rack on Ziggler. Ambrose breaks it up and drops Harper with a lariat.

Miz comes in and pins Harper for a two count and Ambrose rolls the Miz in a small package for a three count. The Miz is eliminated. Ziggler connects with a Zig Zag on Harper and Dean connects with a standing elbow drop on Ziggler. Harper connects with a black hole slam and gets a 2 count on Dean. Harper with a sit down power bomb on Ziggler for a two count. Harper connects with a running elbow on both Ambrose and Ziggler.

Ziggler super kicks Harper and Dean connects on Harper with the dirty deeds and eliminates Harper. Dolph gets a small package for a two count. Miz returns and Dolph chases him. Dean suicide dives Miz and Dolph connects with a super kick. Dean throws Dolph into the turnbuckle and rolls him back into the ring. Miz grabs Dean’s foot and Dean throws him into the barricade. Dolph super kicks Dean and gets the win.

It was also revealed that John Cena would be returning to SmackDown Live in two weeks, which happens to be the night AJ defends his gold against Dolph Ziggler.

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