WWE Smackdown Live Results From October 25


Tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live comes in live from the Resch Center, in Green Bay, WI. It is announced that the tag teams of SmackDown Live would be participating in Survivor Series qualifying matches. Also, the lunatic fringe, Dean Ambrose is scheduled to take on the WWE World Champion, AJ Styles. It is being reported that if Dean wins the match, he gets a title shot at Survivor Series.

Kane is scheduled to take on Bray Wyatt in a no disqualification match. Also announced, the WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch makes her comeback to SmackDown Live from injury. As seen on RAW, WWE continues their partnership with the Susan G Komen foundation even tonight.

Throwback to yesterday’s RAW, WWE officially announced Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg for Survivor Series. Not a while ago, we had reported that Undertaker has been spotted walking around in crutches. The Undertaker made a rare ‘in-character’ appearance at the opening match of the NBA season, as the defending champions, Cavaliers take on the Knicks. The best part? He was not walking around in crutches and had no difficulty in ‘blending into’ the beloved character we all love! Taker was spotted standing outside the Cavaliers locker room, along with a couple of women, one of who was holding the WWE World Championship.

We open the show with Dean Ambrose who’s talking to James Ellsworth. Ellsworth says he wants to return the favor and be in Dean’s corner for his match against AJ Styles tonight. Ambrose declines the offer politely and offers to hang out later instead.

Bray Wyatt vs Kane in a non-disqualification match: The action keeps spilling back and forth to the outside in the opening moments of the match. Kane blocks a chair shot attempt by Bray and throws Bray into the ring steps. Kane sets up the announce table and it appears he is going to choke slam Wyatt onto the announce table. The lights go out and when the lights come back on, Luke Harper is standing on the announce table, pointing at Kane.

Harper drops Kane with the big boot and a clothesline. Wyatt is now in control of the match and hits something like the Book-end/Rock Bottom for a two count. Bray calls for the sister Abigail, but Kane breaks out and goes for a choke slam. Bray fights out and both hit the clothesline on each other. Randy Orton’s music hits and the Viper hits the ring. Harper gets into the ring and tries to interfere, but Orton stares him down, prompting him to leave. Kane and Orton get ready for the double team attack on Bray, and just as Bray gets to his feet, Orton turns around and hits the RKO on Kane. Orton heads to the back, and a startled Bray quickly covers Kane for the win.

AJ Styles talks about his match; he says that Dean would have to be carried out of the arena after the match is done and warns James Ellsworth against getting involved in the match. He says Ellsworth will be missing more than his chin after that.

Renee Young is out to introduce Becky Lynch who is making her comeback from injury. She introduces Becky, who comes out for an interview, only to be interrupted almost immediately by Alexa Bliss. Alexa asks Renee to leave and cuts a promo on Becky. The two women start brawling and Alexa hits a DDT on Becky, following it up by spray painting something like a stripe on Becky’s back after the match.

The Hype Bros vs The Ascension: Ryder starts things off against Victor and is on the offense with a few double knees. Ascension work as a team and take turns in working on Ryder. Mojo gets the tag and clears house. The Hype Bros hit the Hype Ryder on Victor for the win after a very short match.

Randy Orton talks about his previous actions in a backstage segment. He says if you can’t beat them, join them. Wait, are they trying to do another Daniel Bryan angle? I hope not! It would flop miserably! Orton is no Bryan! Bryan was hot at that time!

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