WWE SmackDown Live Results September 6


This week’s SmackDown Live is coming in live from Lincoln, Nebraska. This is the go-home edition before Sunday’s pay per view, Backlash.

We start things off with Daniel Bryan leading the YES! Movement and welcoming us to this week’s episode of SmackDown Live. He says that at Backlash, we would have our first SmackDown women’s champion, decided through the first ever women’s six pack challenge. He welcomes the first competitor of the match, Becky Lynch. She talks about how she missed the title on RAW at WrestleMania due to a betrayal by her friends, and maybe it all leads up to Backlash.

Next is Natalya, who says that SmackDown was supposed to be her kingdom, if it were not for Becky. Without any music or any announcement, Alexa Bliss makes her way out, and bashes everyone in the ring (literally, including Daniel Bryan!). Carmella is out next, who brags about defeating Nikki Bella and calls Alexa polly pocket. Everyone starts trash talking, but Natalya says that Becky is waiting to get them all one against each other. This makes everyone turn their attention to Becky, but Naomi and Nikki are out to assist. Nikki is taken down by Natalya, but Becky and Naomi get the upper hand.

Back from the commercial, Daniel Bryan is shown talking to Shane McMahon, who says that the next time, he should handle his women. Miz shows up and says that both Shane and Daniel are not talking about the most important championship, the Intercontinental Championship. He calls Ziggler a loser and says that he does not deserve a shot at the title. He taunts Bryan by saying that he did not like what he said on last week’s episode of Talking Smack! Daniel retorts by saying that if the Miz has a problem and does not want to fight, he can relinquish the title. Miz makes his way to the ring along with Maryse, to face Apollo Crews up next, with Dolph Ziggler at commentary. Well, we hope Ziggler at least gets a run with the I.C. title on Sunday.

Pretty decent back and forth match, with Crews gaining control, with a series of athletic moves like the front flip, standing moonsault sending the Miz outside the ring as we head to commercials.

After the break, Miz is in control. Miz is his usual safe, cautious self as per his character storyline, with knees to the back and neck breakers. True ‘A-Lister’! Lot of attention on Dolph, who says that he wants to help to provide for the business and progress. Apollo hits the sunset flip for a near fall. Miz counters with a running clothesline and goes for the double ax-handle, but Crews counters it with a belly to belly suplex.

Crews hits a couple of clotheslines before setting up the Miz for the power bomb. Miz gets to the outside and smacks Dolph. Apollo Crews is pushed into Dolph and sends him back into the ring, hitting the skull crushing finale for the win. After the match, Ziggler taunts the Miz by calling him a coward. Miz leaves with his title.

We are given a brief introduction about Connor’s cure and immediately switch gears to tag team action. Looks like we have the Usos going up against the American Alpha. The Usos cut a promo before the match, by saying that they won the tag team of the year twice, but they were the 9th draft picks while the American Alpha were first. They say they are the under dogs. I smell a heel turn here for the Usos. If it plays out, I called it.

Bray Wyatt’s promo hits who sits in a rocking chair and talks about surviving the predator. He says that mankind has adapted to face predators, but calls himself the predator and says he has evolved beyond humans. He calls himself a god and says at Backlash, the current predator, Orton becomes the prey and a chunk of meat for the eater of the worlds. Run for cover, Randy Orton! I smell a Randy Orton victory here, unless they are building to have Bray become more formidable. Orton is the only ‘pro’ on SmackDown currently!


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