WWE Smackdown Results From November 29 | Analysis, Reaction And Highlights


We kick things off with a contract signing for the WWE SmackDown Live Women’s championship match at the TLC pay per view on the 4th of December. Alexa Bliss and the champion, Becky Lynch make their way out. They argue back and forth before eventually signing the contract.

A brawl breaks out and it ends with Becky wanting to go for the Becky-plex on Alexa through a table, but Alexa blocks it and sends Becky through the table instead.

The Miz and Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler and Kalisto: Ziggler starts things off for his team against Corbin by hitting a splash in the corner and Corbin reverses it with the ground and pound.

Corbin attacks Ziggler and throws Kalisto off the apron. Ziggler is sent out after Kalisto. Miz gets a ladder from under the ring, prompting Ziggler to stage a comeback who comes back with a super kick to Corbin. Ziggler gets into the ring before the referee’s ten count.

Kalisto tags himself in and unloads on the Miz. Miz follows Kalisto and Ziggler with a suicide dive. Miz rolls Ziggler back into the ring, but Corbin brings in a chair causing the referee to call for a disqualification.

The winners by DQ: Dolph Ziggler and Kalisto.

American Alpha are being interviewed backstage and say they are prepared for Slater and Rhyno but they never expected to face Wyatt and Orton.

They claim that they can teach the Wyatt family and Orton on how to elevate and all that the American Alpha cares about is having the tag titles around their waist and that the Wyatts should heed their own warning. Next time they see the American Alpha, they must run.

Immediately, Bray cuts a promo. Orton chips in saying he used to be blind like the American Alpha but now he sees and feels like he belongs and that they will take care of American Alpha.

Luke Harper responds to Randy’s question of whether he will be able to take care of Kane and Harper says yes and Bray and Wyatt ask Harper to send Kane back to hell.

Carmella makes her way to the ring. Looks like she has a match. She takes the mic and says she wants to send a message to Nikki’s boyfriend, John Cena. Carmella mocks the crowd who start a ‘How you doin’ chant by saying that she would be doing a lot better when she gets the hell out of here.

Typical heel work! She apologizes to Cena for what she is going to do to Nikki this Sunday. She claims that she will hit Nikki so hard in the chest that her ‘Bella Twins’ will pop out of her back. She also threatens to rearrange Nikki’s face.

Nikki heard enough and runs out to the ring and a brawl breaks out. Apart from a slap from Carmella, Nikki gets most of the offense. Carmella retrieves.

As announced previously, we have an improvised version of the Ambrose Asylum.

Dean Ambrose introduces his guest, James Ellsworth. Ambrose congratulates Ellsworth on his contract and says that the first thing they need to do is get Ellsworth a new pair of boots and second, if he had ever imagined to stand as a member of the SmackDown Live roster.

Ellsworth responds by saying that he’d thought it’d never happen but he kept fighting and was in the right place at the right time and thanks to Dean, he is also a SmackDown superstar.

Ambrose asks who Ellsworth is rooting for this Sunday and Ellsworth says it would be an honor to face Ambrose, but he beat Styles thrice and believes that he has Styles’ number.

This brings out AJ Styles who calls Ellsworth smart as a dummy, but at least a ventriloquist’s dummy has a chin. Ambrose suggests to Styles that he lost to a dummy thrice. Styles says that Ellsworth would have never beaten him if not for Ambrose and demands respect.

If he does not get it, he will beat it out Ambrose this Sunday. Ambrose says that if he has learnt something in the past few weeks, it is that Styles’ way is too easy.

Ambrose says that if he has learnt anything in the past few weeks, it is that Styles has the easy way out. He’s never seen him so riled up and in 5 days, he is heading into the most dangerous match of his career and he is still worried about Ellsworth.

This Sunday, Styles will be looking at Dean climbing the ladder and reaching for the World title. Styles shoves Ambrose and goes after Ellsworth.

Ambrose is shoved into the steps and Styles uses a ladder on Ellsworth. Styles uses a chair on Ellsworth and hits him with the Styles clash on the steel steps.

Kane vs Luke Harper: Harper starts things off with a side headlock and follows it up with a shoulder block off the Irish budge but the monster Kane does not even budge.

Kane floors Harper and Harper connects with upper cuts. Kane connects with a right hand and goes for a slam but Harper counters it and slips to the outside, snapping Kane’s neck off the top rope. Kane throws Harper to the outside.

Harper connects with another side headlock and is countered by a big jaw breaker from Kane. Kane goes for a choke slam, but Harper counters with a kick. Kane connects with an Irish whip and a DDT, following it up with clotheslines and side walk slam. Kane connects with running clotheslines in the corner, but Harper counters with drop kicks. Kane connects with a power bomb off the corner.

He goes for a choke slam but is countered again by Harper who connects with a side walk slam. Kane hits Harper with a back suplex and Harper connects with a super kick. Kane goes to the top and comes down on Harper with a super plex.

Kane connects with the choke slam finally and gets the three count.

Renee is interviewing Becky outside the trainer’s room, who says that although she has a bruise on her spine, nothing will stop her from defending her gold at TLC. Renee plugs Alexa challenging Becky to a match at TLC in a tables match. Becky says if Alexa wants it, she will get it and calls her a b—h and walks off.

Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton vs American Alpha: Orton starts off things with Jordan. Jordan connects with arm drags. Wyatt tags himself in but is quickly pinned by Jordan for a two count. Jordan takes Wyatt to the corner. American Alpha double team with a double drop kick on Wyatt.

Wyatt is irritated and he takes off the cover off the SmackDown announce table. Jordan goes for a cross body but Wyatt ducked. Orton drops Jordan with a suplex. Jordan tags in Gable who comes off the top with a cross body.

He connects with a hanging arm-bar over the top rope. He goes for another move off the top but Wyatt knocks him off the turnbuckle.

Orton connects with a power slam on Gable. Wyatt knocked Jordan off the apron to save Orton. Gable is taken to the top rope and Orton tries to go for a suplex and connects. Jordan tags himself in and takes out both Orton and Wyatt. Jordan connects with a saito suplex who follows it up with a german suplex. The Wyatts logo suddenly flashed and the lights went out.

Luke Harper appears in the ring when the lights come back on causing the distraction on Jordan who walks right into Wyatt.

Gable tries to come in and hit the double team with the grand amplitude but gets taken out by Orton. Jordan tries going after Wyatt but Harper pulls Wyatt out of harms way and Jordan goes shoulder first into the ring post.

Wyatt connects with the sister Abigail on Jordan for the win.

After the match, Dasha is intervieweing Slater and Rhyno who claim that it is the Wyatts who need to prepare themselves and not the other way round.

AJ walks in and talks about himself. Slater gets angry and asks Styles to leave. Rhyno steps up to Styles and Ambrose walks in and beats down Styles. The show goes off air with Rhyno and Slater cheering for Ambrose as he throws Styles all over the locker room.

–End of show —

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