WWE Smackdown Results | Reaction and Highlights from October 11


Akin to Stephanie McMahon on RAW, Shane takes a stab at RAW while talking to Daniel Bryan, announcing plans for Survivor Series They propose that the best five male competitors, five best female competitors and the five best tag teams from RAW and SmackDown Live should battle each other. Sounds great to me! Make it happen!

Naomi vs Carmella: It is shown that Carmella attacked Nikki in footage earlier from the day. Carmella attacks Naomi before the match even begins, prompting the referee to break the competitors apart. Carmella controls the initial moments of the match. We see Alexa Bliss watching from backstage. Naomi retaliates with kicks and a flying cross body for a two count. Carmella dodges the splash in the corner and drops Naomi. Nikki comes out to distract Carmella, allowing Naomi to roll up Carmella for the win.

Post the match, Alexa cuts a promo saying she can beat Naomi on any given day. Daniel Bryan walks in and books Alexa in a match against Naomi next week. Good to see Naomi being properly used. Hope they continue to use her even after Becky Lynch comes back from injury.

Jimmy Uso vs Chad Gable: This feud needs to be built up well and followed up too. After the vicious attack on American Alpha by the Usos, there was no real follow up. Gable attacks Jimmy aggressively initially and works on his left arm. Gable hits a flying clothesline, following it up with a T-Bone suplex. He locks in the arm bar, but Jimmy suddenly gets out and pins Chad for the win.

The Hype Bros are talking when they are interrupted by the Ascension. They just stare at the Hype Bros and walk away without speaking a word. Please use these guys well! They were pushed to the heavens before they were squashed by the APA and DX on RAW. It has been downhill since then!

AJ Styles is out, and he cuts a heel promo on the crowd. He brags about beating Dean Ambrose and John Cena again, on the same night.

Styles brags about how he is going to defend his title right away, only to be interrupted by Dean Ambrose. AJ asks Ambrose to get lost and says he was not talking about him. Ambrose says he is not going anywhere. Styles asks his opponent to come to the ring and it’s the jobber, James Ellsworth. Styles remarks that Ellsworth is in the land of opportunity, SmackDown and that he is getting a shot at the champion tonight, in a non-title match of course. Ambrose says he wants to see this and is at ring side for the match. Styles does not agree and says Ambrose should head to the back and that he is not allowed to distract Ellsworth. Daniel Bryan comes out and says the match is booked and that Dean Ambrose is the special guest referee for the match.

James Ellsworth vs AJ Styles: Who would have thought that this match would have taken place even in their wildest dreams! AJ controls the initial moments of the match. He gets distracted by Ambrose and walks right in to a right hand from Ellsworth! Another distraction from Ambrose, allowing Ellsworth to roll up AJ for a two count. AJ comes back with a clothesline, following it up with a suplex. He hits a back breaker and puts poor James Ellsworth in the Calf Crusher. Poor Ellsworth taps out, but the referee, Ambrose is distracted by his phone. AJ throws Ellsworth to the outside and beats him around ring side. Ambrose begins a very quick ten count, prompting Styles to go back in to the ring with Ellsworth. AJ throws Ellsworth back outside, but Ambrose throws him right back in! Poor guy! Must be feeling like a bag of potatoes!

AJ hits the Styles Clash on Ellsworth and goes for the pin, but Ambrose stops the pin at 2. AJ gets up, and Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds on Styles! AJ puts Ellsworth on top of AJ and starts counting, but AJ gets his shoulder up. Ambrose with another Dirty Deeds and again puts Ellsworth on top of AJ and this time has a fast count. James Ellsworth pinned the WWE World Champion, ladies and gentlemen!

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