WWE suspends Eva Marie for 30 days


Just 24 hours after we reported that both Alberto Del Rio and Paige were suspended for violation of the wellness policy, WWE posted on their official website that Eva Marie has been suspended for 30 days for her first policy violation of WWE’s wellness policy.

While we were trying to figure out whether the suspension of Alberto and Paige was legitimate and not due to any other issues, the recent suspension of Eva Marie points towards the reason being true indeed. In the recent times, WWE has been taking the policy violations very seriously, especially after CM Punk voiced his not so flattering opinions about the policy. It is worth being noted that although Brock Lesnar failed two consecutive drug tests, there has been no action against him since he was a part time wrestler and not a full time wrestler.

The current situation puts the WWE in a tight spot. Not only were they on the verge of building up something huge for Eva Marie, she was scheduled to be a part of the 6 women’s tag team match at Summerslam, this Sunday. How WWE handles the situation remains to be seen. They have not come up with any update on the match and who would replace Eva Marie, or whether the match would be a handicapped match. We never know if this is just a storyline to promote Eva Marie’s role.

Whatever the reason maybe, it is definitely a loss. Eva Marie’s husband went on record that his wife was being framed for something she did not do and that she did not do anything wrong. It was reported previously that WWE officials were very high on Eva Marie, and how the suspension will affect her chances remains to be seen. If the past is anything to go by, she would have to face the repercussions, look at Roman Reigns, who was moved to the mid card from the main event.

We just hope and wish that both parties reach an amicable solution and that we have a great pay per view this Sunday.

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