WWE Talents not happy with Sasha Banks’ recent promo


We at playcaper apologize for being unable to cover the latest episode of Monday Night RAW. For starters, Sasha Banks cut a promo on this week’s episode of RAW, where she touched upon various topics.

She starts off by talking about the past talents from Mae Young to Trish Stratus and the transition in Women’s wrestling. She added that it was a long journey before the advent of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where the ‘divas’ posed for pictures. She said, 2013 was the year when Stephanie McMahon thought it was it and recreated a new brand of female wrestlers, and brought them to the stage where they can address themselves as superstars. She added that she was grateful for the opportunity given to her and other newer talents.

She then talked about her match with Charlotte at Summerslam, where she injured her back and was about to give us ‘bad news’ that her doctors had given her when she was interrupted by Dana Brooke and she ends up saying the bad news was for Charlotte after hitting the banks statement on Dana. This where the talents were said to have been not so very amused with the promo.

The feeling among the superstars she upset was that her promo was in bad taste and the company tried to use the emotion of the Daniel Bryan retirement speech, only to end it with a bad angle. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that one veteran talent mentioned Edge’s retirement speech and also spoke about Tyson Kidd’s injury, which forced him to be out of action for more than a year and his return to the ring seems to be bleak at the moment.

Both Bryan and Kidd are well-liked by the WWE talents. There have been comparisons to the Mark Henry retirement speech which was fake, but was just an angle and not based on any injury. The feeling is that using career threatening injuries is a very sensitive topic to the friends of the injured wrestlers.

While they are not upset with Sasha, they are definitely miffed with the WWE booking and creative team for cutting a bad angle from a very sensitive issue.

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