WWE ushering into a new era?


Pro Wrestling has come a long way. WWE was the leader in sports wrestling, before having to compete with WCW and ECW to stay alive. WWE went from the Monday night wars, to the attitude era, to the ruthless aggression area. Each era had its own unique quality.

The Attitude era had awesome promos and lots of edgy content. The ruthless aggression area had ushered in a whole new bunch of superstars like John Cena, Batista and had also ushered in an era of matches of great technical caliber. There seemed to be a lull after that, with the WWE facing a lot of flak for their booking plans, irregular storylines.

If you have been watching WWE for the past year or so, you must have noticed that WWE is no longer believing in keeping kayfabe alive. The storylines nowadays are being built on real life situations. Why else would the WWE go public about HHH and Stephanie’s marriage, after around 6 years of trying to keep it away from the public eye? Who would have imagined that the Deadman would take to twitter? Of all people, the Undertaker? WWE went public about Roman Reign’s failed drug tests, they don’t shy away from covering injuries anymore. It seems that the WWE is ushering in the new era, which I would like to call the ‘Reality era’

The recent promo which Miz cut on Daniel Bryan during SmackDown Live’s post analysis show, Talking Smack is a perfect reminder of the direction the WWE seems to be headed. AJ Styles’ promos on John Cena or Daniel Bryan’s promos on John Cena where he called Cena a ‘parody’ of wrestling have reality and truth written all over them. Not only promos and interviews, but the matches are a lot believable nowadays, with some excellent matches being delivered by almost everyone on the roster, instead of a select few.

This is definitely a welcoming change from the previous promos like Vince McMahon comparing himself to God, or the horrible Katie Vick storyline. As Vince McMahon would always say, things seem to be definitely looking up for the WWE!

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