​​​More details about Del Rio’s displeasure with the WWE


We had recently reported that Alberto Del Rio had communicated through his lawyers that he is leaving the company with a 60 days. We have more of an inside scoop as to what led to his untimely departure from the company.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter in his recent reported stated that his real life relationship with Paige had also been in jeopardy and she was asked to discontinue her relationship with Del Rio to be a part of the divas revolution. For starters, Paige along with AJ Lee was the reason the divas revolution started in the first place.

Adding more about the untimely departure of Del Rio, Meltzer says that when Del Rio was resigned after being fired for standing up against racial discrimination by one of the WWE employees, he was promised the moon and ultimately ended up gaining peanuts. Vince McMahon initially wanted to have Paul Heyman pair up with Del Rio and build him as a Heyman guy. But eventually, the plan did not fall through due to Heyman allocating a major chunk of his dates to advocate for his client, the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar. Vince immediately shifted to his next best option at that time, Zeb Colter and started the Mex-America angle, which did not do any good either for Jack Swagger or Del Rio. His next role with the League of Nations too did not gain the expected heel heat although they started off very promisingly.

He was also guaranteed a main event title shot and was supposed to be billed as the next top heel, similar to his initial run with the World Heavyweight Championship during his feud with Edge. He returned as a huge baby face during his match against John Cena, where he captured the United States title. After his win, his downfall started.

It appears there was a lot of frustration on the part of Del Rio for expected reasons and Vince tried to convince him, but eventually gave up. As we have stated previously, the SmackDown Live brand is not going to be the same without one of the gifted technical wrestlers.


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