Lucas Digne Signs contract with FC Barcelona

Lucas Digne Signs contract with FC Barcelona
Lucas Digne Signs contract with FC Barcelona

Lucas Digne a talented 22 year old footballer would be one of the happiest persons on Earth right now as he has been signed by one of the biggest football clubs of the world that is Barcelona. Barcelona has recently made this agreement with Paris Saint German FC and has hence signed this young player for their team. This 22 year player has been signed by Barcelona for an agreement of next five years.

The amount spent by Barcelona for Lucas Digne is 16.5 million Euros and this is just an initial amount and this can be hence increased depending on his individual performance and the result of the team. So this means that Digne’s clause with Barcelona Football Club is of 60 million Euros.

There was a no looking back for this player since he first landed into his first team Lille as a player. He was then signed by Paris Saint German FC in the year 2013 and then he stayed with this team until the year 2015 and now he has officially moved to Barcelona. In his small career of football, Digne has played a total of 148 matches for PSG, Lille and Roma and in these 148 matches he has scored 6 goals and also he recorded 13 assists.

But the strongest thing of Digne that attracted Barcelona toward him is his pace on the left which no doubt makes this player a threat going forward also Lucas has an excellent technical quality on the ball which makes him a special player.

Lucas Digne will be entering the team with a proper official representation. Lucas will be arriving Barcelona on early morning of Thursday and there he will first go under a medical checkup and then he will sign his contract with this franchise. After signing with Barcelona, there will be his official presentation at Camp Nou and just after that there will be a photo session of the player.

And finally there will be a Press Conference of Lucas Digne in the Richard Maxenchs Press Room where he will be accompanied by the sporting vice president and also the director of professional sports.


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