5 qualities that can make Anil Kumble the Greatest Indian Coach ever


The apprehension surrounding the Indian cricket team coach was finally over when Anil Kumble was appointed as a coach of India senior men’s team after Rahul Dravid rejected the offer.

Kumble was a key member of Indian cricket team for many years and we make assessment of the qualities that can make Kumble a great thing for the future of Indian cricket -:

Calm nature

Nobody will argue with the fact that Anil Kumble will come up with a cool and calm approach towards the team. This will be a positive for the team and the Combination of the coach’s calmness along with the aggression of the team will work in the teams’ favour and will propel them to the new heights.


The experience that this legendary leg spinner holds is simply incomparable to any Indian bowler as Indian team reaped his services for many years and it would be his experience that will help India in handling the tougher situations with ease. He has clearly a humongous 132 test and 271 ODI’s experience with him that is enough to showcase his class.

Overseas Performance

The one thing that has troubled Indian team for many years is the overseas experience as the team fails to compete against the teams on the pitches out of Asia especially in England and Australia. Kumble Enjoyed stupendous success in the overseas tours which will be reflected in his coaching tenure too as his rich overseas legacy will help Indian team prosper.

Hard Work

Well it’s impossible to put Kumble’s hard work in comparison with any player as he was a very potent wicket taker with the skills he acquired from his hard work. Kumble has more than 600+ wickets for the Indian team that are enough to showcase his hard work and the same thing looks likely to happen with the current generation of Indian bowlers.

Leadership Skills

Kumble was a stalwart leader for the Indian team for many years and worked as an advisor to Rahul Dravid too which could come as an advantage for the team. He enjoyed success as the Indian captain which truly embarks his leadership qualities.

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