Alberto Del Rio finished with the WWE…again!


It is being reported that Alberto Del Rio is apparently done with the WWE, almost a year after he re-signed with the company. It is being reported that Alberto Del Rio had informed the WWE through his lawyers that he was opting out 60 days earlier.

 We had earlier reported that Del Rio had been frustrated with his position in the WWE and that he would soon be considering moving out of the company. He was told to be sick of the hollow promises made by the WWE, including the ones mentioned on his contract. His time in the WWE went downhill after a shocking return against John Cena, and capturing the United States championship on his return.

After that, he was pushed down the mid card, beginning with the Mex America storyline, followed by the storyline of the League of Nations. After the League of Nations, he was not a part of any of the plans unlike Rusev and Sheamus, who managed to somehow stick around in the creative plans of the WWE.

This was later followed by reports of him being upset about the WWE splitting up him and his real life girlfriend through the draft. As if this was not enough, the WWE had announced a while ago that he along with his real life girlfriend, Paige were being suspended for 30 days for their first policy violation of the WWE’s wellness policy.

Del Rio had last wrestled for the company as a part of the SmackDown Live roster against John Cena on the August 19th. As of this writing, he is not scheduled to return to the company and will be free to work anywhere in the United States. He would also be free to work in Mexico and abroad. He had reportedly let go off a lucrative deal offered by the Lucha underground in favor of his return to the WWE. This is definitely bad news, especially given that the SmackDown Live has a thinner roster when compared to the RAW roster. Having to lose one of the technically gifted wrestlers due to wrong creative decisions is bad for the SmackDown Live brand and the WWE as a whole.

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