Alberto Del Rio on the way out?


Alberto Del Rio’s recent run with the company after he was re-hired for standing up against racial abuse is nowhere close to what he was expecting from the company. For starters, he was made to join the League of Nations, but after a few weeks of establishing them as formidable heels, they were reduced to jobbers.

With Barrett leaving, WWE having the US title on Rusev and Sheamus featuring into the title picture somehow (he was a part of the championship qualifier series), it appears as if there is nothing for Del Rio to do.

He had a great role within the company, especially when he was feuding with Edge on SmackDown, he helped to reestablish the World Heavyweight title as a formidable title before getting squashed by John Cena. After that, he was fed to Batista and things went downhill from then till his return, where he made a surprise return and won the US title from John Cena. Cue to the League of Nations.

Reports have surfaced that Del Rio is very unhappy with his role in the WWE. This was fueled by the splitting of the real life couple (he is in a relationship with Paige). Del Rio had a specific clause in his contract when he re-signed with the company that allowed him to leave the company in September if he wanted to.

During his resigning, WWE did not allow him to drop the AAA Mega Championship despite signing him to a decent amount of money. However, after a few weeks of a promising return, his alliance with Zeb Colter or the League of the Nations did not do him any good. Currently, he is being treated as an under card worker.

It is worth mentioning that he was able to re-invent himself in Mexico and won the title during his time with the Lucha Underground. If he were to go back, he’d be able to make a decent amount of money on a relatively less compelling travel schedule. As of this moment, with him putting down TNA in recent weeks, TNA seems to be a closed option for him.

While there’s no denying that he is a great in-ring worker with decent mic skills, we don’t blame for wanting out given his current situation.

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