Alberto Del Rio set to hold press conference about future with the WWE


Not too long ago, we had reported that Alberto Del Rio had asked for his release from the WWE citing unfulfilled promises and a lack of direction in the creative process. This was followed up by more reports of the feud between both the parties taking a new turn, with recent reports of Del Rio calling for a press conference to address his situation with the WWE.

He is scheduled to hold a press conference on Friday amid reports of him leaving the company. According to, Del Rio has invited different members of the press to hold a conference in Mexico City, where he is expected to discuss his wellness policy failure and his future with the company.

This news comes in a week after reports came in that Del Rio was finished with the WWE and he was on his way out, taking advantage of a clause in his contract that would allow him to leave the company in the fall season. He is also expected to address his real life situation with Paige and reports that the WWE forced the couple to break up. There were reports earlier this week that Paige had hired legal representations to help deal with the situation. It seems that Paige would be more on the receiving end, as her contract extends till 2019, unlike Alberto Del Rio’s.

This news gains prominence, given that Del Rio is calling for a press conference on the same day it has been rumored that WWE will announce it officially on their website about their decision to release Del Rio.

While there have been multiple conflicting reports about Del Rio’s situation, most of the wrestling community websites are reporting that he will eventually be on his way out, and probably end up in Lucha Underground, the place where he was the reigning champion, before he made his return to the company in 2015. He wanted to have a clause which allowed him to wrestle both with the WWE and the Mexican wrestling, to which the WWE did not agree and added the clause where he could leave the company in Fall.

Since we do not have any concrete evidence about Del Rio’s contract and his current status, we at Play Caper will try our level best to keep you posted about the latest updates. Keep watching this space for more.

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