All you need to know about the Russian Doping Scandal

All you need to know about the Russian Doping Scandal
All you need to know about the Russian Doping Scandal

Rio Olympics has become a subject of controversies after the shocking Russian Doping Scandal for which the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has inflicted a ban over the Russian athletes to prevent them from participating in the Rio Olympics.

This can lead to no representation of athletes under the Russian flag as because of the ban imposed on the athletes who are found guilty to be involved in the doping malpractices. The scandal not only involved the athletes but the government officials also had an active Participation in the doping practices that were taking place for nearly over a year.

The “clear” Athletes can participate in the Olympics

Though the Russian team has been banned from participating in the 2016 Olympics but that doesn’t mean that the dream of those Russian athletes that worked their way hard without involving themselves in any sort of Doping practices is over as they can opt for the test and if they are found clear they can participate in the Rio Olympics under a neutral flag of IAFF. This means that that there is still chance for those athletes marked as clean from any doping and they will be able to participate once IOC gives a green flag to the proposed plan which will be discussed in their latest meeting.

Yulia Stepanova “The Whistle Blower”

It was a Russian athlete Yulia Stepanova also subjected to doping in the past, who made these shocking revelations about the doping problem in her country and how officials try to encourage the athletes about Doping. She along with her husband Vitaly, who was also a member of Russia Anti-Doping Agency, exposed the conditions and levels of doping with some strong evidences. The WADA and IAFF can reward her due to his immense contribution to expose the scandal an Olympic berth after the IOC accepts their proposal.

More Athletes come out to expose doping 

After Stepanova took a brave decision to expose the Doping problem, WADA has urged athletes and officials to have a stand against Doping if someone is doing it. Shocking reports have emerged that the Russian Officials also offered bribes to not have the test of their athletes during the swimming events in London Olympics.

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