Assessing the Star Studded Squad of USA Basketball team and their shot at Olympic gold


The USA Basket ball team will once again feature some star players from NBA and will be looking to snatch another gold at the Olympics which will be their third back to back gold medal after they claimed it in Beijing and London games.

The team looks like a dream to anyone as it is fully loaded with the stars hailing from the most competitive League in the Basket Ball, NBA. This will be a delight for all the NBA fans as their dream team will look to snatch their sixth gold since 1992.


The team looks like the one made in heaven loaded with the best NBA stars like Carmelo Anthony looking to claim a third medal.  Paul George will be marking his comeback in the team and basketball both along with Jimmy Butler who was also on the receiving end of several grave injuries. Klay Thompson has also seized the opportunity to play in the Olympics. The team will also have some new faces that will be willing to kick start their international legacy with a gold to their name like DeAndre Jordan and Draymond green who were benefited from the injuries or rejection of some established players to participate in the Rio Olympics. Kevin Durant will be looking to sizzle everyone once again like the way he did at the 2012 games in London.

Misses of stars will be felt

Though this team looks already deadly as any opposition would have to be very strong in order to get the best out of this team but still the star studded squad is likely to miss some superstars like Stephen Curry who is out due to an injury along with his counterpart LeBron James, who choose to stay out of the competition to take some much needed rest after a long and taxing NBA season. The biggest player that everyone will miss is the basketball legend Kobe Bryant who has officially retired from Basketball.


There is no team which looks like the one that can beat the USA team and they are all set to claim another gold and failing to win a Gold Medal for their country will be a complete waste of their talents.

Rachit Sethi

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