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We had recently reported that Heyman’s current contract had come to an end in the early summer and both the parties had not agreed on the terms and conditions for a new contract. Heyman used this time to take up a variety of projects outside the WWE, since Brock Lesnar was busy preparing for his match against Mark Hunt.

Well, Heyman did turn up on RAW alongside Lesnar and did what he does best! Put Brock over by miles! As per reports, Heyman agreed for a new contract before RAW. The reason for the delay is said to be Heyman’s demands for a pay raise beyond what WWE was willing to offer him. PWInsider states that Heyman tried to talk himself into a deal that would have been more than what he is making now. WWE played hard to get and did not respond. The deal never fell through and both parties did not communicate.

The turning point for Heyman’s contract was the return of the beast, Brock Lesnar this past week on RAW. Lesnar was adamant that he wanted Heyman with him and asked the WWE to make it happen. WWE on their part, cannot afford to make their biggest draw unhappy! They eventually had to budge in to the beast’s demand and had Heyman sign a contract before RAW.

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Heyman did make an appearance on a backstage segment while Lesnar was being escorted out of the building, so it seems that the contract did eventually fall into place and Heyman is happy with the terms. What went into the terms of the contract is unknown, whether or not Heyman’s demands were met still remains a mystery.

There was a feeling within the WWE that Heyman would make a return before Summerslam and a deal could be made then. But with Brock putting his foot down, we have the devil’s advocate back to doing what he does best. As of now there are no reports as to whether Heyman will appear without Lesnar to promote the match, like he did for Lesnar’s earlier opponents.

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