Backstage details on the Women’s title and Summerslam plans!


If you were expecting something unexpected and something that you have always wanted happening, Sasha Banks’ recent win and title reign as the Women’s champ is one of those things! For starters, on the first RAW post the WWE draft, Sasha pinned Charlotte clean and became the new Women’s champion! What’s more, during the match, the Boss pulled off an Eddie Guerrero and we all could not have asked for more!

There had been recent reports that surfaced saying that the reason for Charlotte’s title drop was because she had asked the company for some time off. However, these reports have turned out to be false. As per reports from PWInsider, Charlotte is said to be penciled in for all future bookings and at the moment, she has not requested for any time off.

It is being said that the WWE creative put the title on Sasha, since they wanted to open the new RAW with a surprise. Vince is said to be mightily pleased with Charlotte’s title reign and her role in helping to establish the title as legitimate. With a specific foundation in place for the title now, the booking officials are keen on using it around and build more storylines around it. Triple H on the other hand, has been pushing for a revolution in Divas’ wrestling and has always been a huge fan of Sasha Banks’ work.

As of now, there are plans of having Charlotte go up against Sasha Banks at Summerslam for her rematch. The belief is that the match would help to have another layer for the program. They don’t have to depend only big names like Cena and Lesnar to bring buy rates in.

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It is being said that Charlotte is scheduled to have a really brutal schedule coming up for her. This is interesting to note, given that more and more divas are being added to the main roster. With the addition of Bayley into the mix, things are bound to take an interesting turn.

While WWE has not confirmed that match will be taking place at Summerslam, by the looks of it, it seems to be penciled in at some point of time.

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