Backstage news on Daniel Bryan’s contract


We had recently reported that Daniel Bryan had been contemplating a return to the company in a full time wrestling role, basing our report off an article published by Forbes. The Wrestling Observer recently reported that the article was false and Daniel Bryan is here to stay with the WWE in a non-wrestling role for the foreseeable future.

Regarding Daniel Bryan’s in ring career being brought to an abrupt halt due to his concussions, it is being said that he often threatened to quit the WWE and go wrestle elsewhere, probably in the Indy scene, as referenced by the Miz on his rant last week’s episode of Talking Smack. Daniel Bryan had been cleared to wrestle by multiple doctors, excluding the WWE doctors.

It appears they do not want to take any chances with their talent in wake of the recent half a million lawsuits filed by ex-superstars for concussion related issues. On multiple Daniel Bryan has verbally threatened the company saying that he would want to continue his wrestling career, but he was stopped by his wife, Brie who advised him against going the doctors’ word and leaving the company that made him a household name. She also reminded him that they were planning to start a family and even a slight slip up is not wanted.

Regarding the contract, there have been numerous rumors floating around about his contract expiring soon, but a new report says that his contract is valid till 2018. The reason being that during his injury, the contract was frozen for the period when he was not in action. All those dates have been added to his contract. For starters, whenever a superstar is injured, the amount of time lost due to injury is compensated for after the superstar is ready to wrestle by unfreezing the dates and adding the dates to the contract as an extension. This was one of the reasons Rey Mysterio was unhappy with his position and decided to leave the company.

It is definitely good news to hear that the leader of the YES! Movement is here to help the SmackDown Live brand maintain its slow and steady rise in the ratings.


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