Big Show reveals that he wanted to work with Finn Balor


Sky Sports had an interview with WWE superstar, the Big Show while the WWE was in London. He was asked about different questions, one of which was about British superstar, Finn Balor. Talking about Finn, Show said that WWE has try-outs for almost every TV taping and it is almost difficult for the guys to shine in an empty arena with a bunch of superstars standing at the ring and watching.

He added that it takes a maximum of 20 seconds to tell whether an athlete has the ‘IT’ factor in him. He said that Finn Balor is one of those athletes. He said that he would have loved to work with Finn and tear the house down. He also added that with Finn’s attitude and skill, he will overcome the injury and come back stronger from his injury.

Big Show has always been known to take criticism in his stride, with a majority of the WWE universe calling aging superstars like himself, Kane and Mark Henry. He recently showed that all this criticism does not affect him by wearing a tee shirt that echoed the same statement. During an interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin on his podcast in the early of 2016, Show said that he does not plan to retire any time soon. He recently stated that his publicized match against Shaquille O’ Neil would be his last at next year’s WrestleMania.

Talking about the Big Show, he has been a subject of ridicule after tripping off the second rope while trying to a jump off the rope in a match against John Cena. It has been confirmed that the rope was faulty and not Big Show’s fault. At 440 pounds, he claims to be in the perfect shape of his life and that he looks forward to flying off the second rope again.

Big Show has been used to push newer talent, the most recent being Roman Reigns. We hope that he would continue to help newer talent hone their skills. We definitely hope he does not retire any time soon!

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