Bret Hart issues a strong message to Seth Rollins


What comes to your mind when you hear the name Seth Rollins? An absolute great wrestler? Check. Awesome on the microphone? Check. One of the best heels in the recent times? Check. The leader of the locker room on RAW? Possibly. Apparently, there is another name that Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart christened Seth with. He called him an ‘unsafe worker’

Bret has been someone not shying away from speaking his mind and saying whatever he feels like saying without caring much about what anyone feels about it. He has openly called out HHH multiple times in the recent past for not being innovative in the ring and just being a bulked up dude. Nothing against the veteran, as he did shower a lot of praise on people like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

Bret Hart feels that if a professional wrestler keeps hurting himself and his opponents as well, that means that he’s doing it wrong. He also added that he feels Seth should improve his technique and become the safest wrestler in the business. He believed that Seth would improve and hopefully would stop hurting the talent before someone gets killed. Seth ‘injured’ Sting and broke John Cena’s nose. Most recently he injured Finn Balor’s shoulder after a nasty throw into the barricade, exactly the way Sting hurt his neck.

Bret feels that wrestlers need to trust one another as a wrestler holds the life of the other in their hands and cannot simply drop it. He also did not mince words for the WWE producers. He said that they are negligent for not speaking up about the incident and would have rather patted Seth on the back and said ‘Good job!’

Bret compared Seth to Bill Goldberg, the man who ended Bret’s career in the ring. He said that when people like Seth, Samoa Joe keep using the same moves that injured people and cut short careers over and over again, it makes him shake his head and think, this is not real. It is only supposed to look real.

Seth, we hope you are listening.

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