Brock Lesnar responds to Conor McGregor’s comments


If you have been following pro wrestling news recently, there are only two topics that are doing the rounds, one is Summerslam and the next is Conor McGregor’s comments about the WWE and the superstars.

Most of the pro wrestling world big wigs have responded, from Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks to the only Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, Kurt Angle. While we cannot really post what he said due to the expletive nature of the content, there were a lot of nasty things said.

One of the people not to care about the world and just go about minding his own business, Brock Lesnar too recently responded to the not so flattering comments McGregor made about Lesnar. Lesnar too, had expletives in response to what McGregor had to say. When asked about the same on the eve of the UFC 202 by Sam Roberts, here’s what Lesnar had to say

He said that he knows all of us play a lot of video games and live in a kind of a fantasy world. He weighs two hundred and ninety pounds, while Conor is a mere one hundred and forty five pounds. He also added that if Conor wanted to say something about him, he better come to Lesnar’s world (pro wrestling world) and say it face to face to me. Lesnar concluded by saying that he went to Connor’s world and was victorious, and if Connor is really that tough, he must prove his point by doing the same in the squared circle.

Well, this is not exactly what he said, we eliminated the expletives. Brock Lesnar has been in the news for calling out Bill Goldberg recently, and Goldberg responding in kind. While that might seem as a promotional work for the WWE 2k17 video game or perhaps WrestleMania 33, there seems to be severe heat on Conor from the whole wrestling community. The last time something like this happened, was when Dana White called pro wrestling fake and after facing flak, he had to apologize.

Although Conor did apologize, he also launched fresh shots aimed at the WWE in particular. It is worth noting that neither the WWE nor Dana White have responded, since both had a partnership of sorts for Lesnar’s one off match in the octagon.

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