Cesaro moving to SmackDown Live?


Owing to his ever growing ‘Cesaro section’, it is being reported that Cesaro may be soon moving to the blue brand. He has upped his skill set ever since he paired up with Tyson Kidd, who unfortunately suffered a nasty injury in a match against Samoa Joe.

Although the year 2015 was billed as the year of the Swiss superman, it was cut short unfortunately owing to his shoulder injury. He did revamp himself and came back stronger than ever.

During the draft it was expected that he would be one of the top picks for the blue brands, he eventually ended up joining an already stacked up RAW roster with the likes of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Sheamus, Finn Balor amongst a few. Having these names itself would have been enough for RAW without the need to create a strong tag team and Divas divisions. But RAW upped the ante and had the best roster possible, leaving out the talent Hitman to feud in mid card titles.

While we had previously reported that Randy Orton was being considered for a trade to RAW in exchange for Kevin Owens, only time will tell how things play out. Currently, RAW has the upper hand in terms of viewership, ratings and match quality.

Cesaro mentioned that he may belong more to the SmackDown Live might be the brand he may end up being on. And according to a report from Daily Wrestling news, there are chances that the current storyline where he is vying for a U.S. Title shot against Rusev but is always caught midway by Sheamus, may eventually lead to him moving to the blue brand. As of now, it seems that the only way to see Hitman on SmackDown Live is through a trade in exchange for some superstar. Going by the way things are going, it does not appear as if Stephanie and Mick Foley may budge to a trade.

His elevation to the main event status has always been plagued by injuries. When he has fully recovered, he is unfortunately on the wrong brand.

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