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The world of wrestling has been abuzz since it was announced that Bill Goldberg will be making his return to the squared circle after a twelve year hiatus. A new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirms that the deal was confirmed only a week ago and that after weeks of negotiations, it will eventually boil down to Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar being made official for Survivor Series on the 20th of November this year.

Dave Meltzer went on to add that the current deal is for Goldberg to face off in a one off match against Lesnar. More matches may be added to his contract based on the crowd reaction and how well he is able to move in the ring. This has also lead to reports claiming that Lesnar would come out on top in the match, leading to Shane McMahon leading to select Goldberg to wrestle on his behalf against Lesnar at WrestleMania in a re match.

As of this writing, reports suggest that Shane McMahon is not expected to play a role in the Survivor Series match, but may eventually start building a feud against Lesnar in the follow up from Royal Rumble early next year. As always, we request our readers to treat the report with a pinch of salt as plans keep changing in the wrestling world and something new may transpire overnight.

There have been no reports about how Goldberg’s calendar has been booked following his upcoming scheduled appearance on next week’s RAW and how many dates he would be working. One may expect him to make an appearance when Lesnar appears on RAW on the 24th of this month from Minneapolis, MN. It would be interesting to see how the WWE would match the part time schedule of Lesnar. Goldberg’s addition to the roster would definitely help bolster the sales of the 2k17 game. At 49 years old, it is safe to say that he may not have much left in his tank and he would prefer working a lighter schedule.

Stay tuned as we report the latest happenings about this story.

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