Estimated value of TNA if the WWE ends up buying it!


Not long ago, we had posted that the WWE had expressed interest in buying TNA, with TNA being almost on the verge of bankruptcy. There have been reports that TNA does not have the money for this Sunday’s telecast of their pay per view, Bound for Glory and if that is true, they will not have any other option but to file for bankruptcy.

So what’s in it for the WWE to acquire the second largest pro wrestling promotion in North America? In terms of value, there are estimates creeping up online, based on an extrapolation of previous similar deals made by the WWE. As of now, it seems that WWE is more interest in getting hands on TNA’s tape library, which is almost 14 years deep as of now. This might make the deal a seven digit one!

So based on an extrapolation of the values the WWE has put out in the past, if the WWE was willing to acquire TNA, WWE would have to shell out something around $1.09 million. Another option that WWE has however is to wait for TNA to file for bankruptcy if they are unable to find sponsors or gather funds for Sunday’s pay per view event and the following tapings from Universal Studios at Orlando, FL. This way, WWE would have the option of choosing the pieces that interest them, at much lesser rates than if they had to purchase it directly from the owners. They encountered a similar situation during the acquisition of ECW back in 2001.

TNA needs to have a deal in place by Friday the latest, in order to have the taping. Going by the past reports, TNA would need mid to high six figures to finance their pay per view and subsequent TV tapings.

Another reason the WWE has been expressing interest might be due to the former WWE superstars present there, in the Hardy Boyz, and the most recent signing Cody Rhodes. We will keep you posted as and when we have any further updates.

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