Gisele Bundchen to sizzle in the Rio Olympics opening ceremony

Gisele Bundchen to sizzle in the Rio Olympics opening ceremony
Gisele Bundchen to sizzle in the Rio Olympics opening ceremony

The Olympic madness is all set to begin and we are now just hours away from the grand opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics which will showcase some of the finest Brazilian artists performing and showcasing the Brazilian culture to the whole world.

The performances will have more than 6000 participants who will be on the grandest stage of all. The epic event will have some dance and music performances that are all set to pump up audience who will witness the performances live.

Gisele Bundchen to be “assaulted” in a special segment

The center of attraction for the opening ceremony will be the performance by Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen who will have a special segment in the ceremony where she will enter the Maracana Stadium on the tunes of “The Girl from Ipanema” or in English “typical Brazilian women” which will be played by Paolo Jobin.

The segment will throw some light on the problems before the Olympic build up where she will be held up and robed and then the officials will come to help him. The final message of the segment will be about peace but still it has sparked some controversies.

The sexiest performance ever

Gisele Bundchen is particularly excited about her performances as this is the most important performance of his career. She has stated that there is nothing to worry about the content of the segment she will feature as it will only have a positive message to the audiences.

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Speaking to a reporter she also confessed that this will be the sexiest Olympic ceremony ever as it will feature native Brazilian beauties doing samba dance all over the arena as Brazil is home to finest beauties on the globe.

Other beauties to join her too

Gisele Bundchen will not be the only beauty participating in the ceremony as she will be also accompanied by fellow Brazilian models Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. Both of them will also have a part in the ceremony but celebrity crush Gisele Bundchen will be the one head lining the opening ceremony.

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