Gunners £43 million bid for Julian Draxler, highlights to Football Lovers !

Gunners £43 million bid for Julian Draxler
Gunners £43 million bid for Julian Draxler

The report from ESPN has rotated the Football 2016 championship to 90 degree, after the sensational news of Arsenal Bid. As per the highlights, Arsenal, the professional English football club had been in flashlight for targeting Julian Draxler for their bid, this season.

Julian Draxler, the German football star, known to score 10 goals in the last season of Football championship is on the target for Arsenals. The 22 years old, left winger was among the radar of Gunners since last summer but he chose to opt Wolfsburg after his 5 years deal with Bundesliga. However, this has been proved luckiest for him during his last matches.

Daxler had been in limelight during the last season, with his 32 appearances and 10 goals for Wolfsburg. He had been the star footballer in Euro 2016 Games- Germany, for scoring against Slovakia in one of his four matches.

This season, Gunners decided not to lose the chance and bid £43 million for Julian Daxler. Reportedly, Manchester United were also targeting the star footballer of Germany, but Gunners succeeded to win the move. Arsenal is focusing to improve their attacking shots and hence they approached Daxler with this biggest deal.

On the pertaining rumors and news, Daxler reacted :- “

Schalke are a great club in Germany. Many people thought that if I left it would be for a top foreign club.” Adding more he said “But I decided not to go abroad as I didn’t feel ready for that kind of move.”

However, it is still uncertain whether his decision will go in favor of Arsenals or not. In fact, this is not yet confirmed whether the leaks from ESPN are just a rumor or Arsenals will win the bid soon. Another set of news says that Arsenal has recently rejected the £30 million for Alexis Sanches, as offered by Juventus, which might prove these headlines true, although they are still quiet on any comments regarding the news.

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