Jeff Hardy vs Undertaker? Yes Please!!


Two of the biggest names in the wrestling business, going against each other at the grandest stage of them all, in a Hell in a Cell. Imagine!! Well, that’s the way Jeff Hardy wants to end his professional wrestling career, if given a chance to pick his career ending moment for himself.

WWE and Hardy have had a much checkered relationship. In the year 2003, WWE severed ties with him due to his drug addiction. He got into rehab and three years later, WWE had him on the roster once again. Flash forward to three years later, Hardy left the company and went to TNA, owing to the tough travel schedule of the WWE. It is said that they parted on very friendly terms.

During a recent interview with the L.A. Times, Hardy stated that he would love to Swanton off the top off the cell, onto the commentary table. He then wants to climb the cell, Swanton through the cage when Taker is back in the ring, miss the move, and walk into a tombstone for the win for the Deadman.

It is noteworthy to mention that Jeff started his singles career in a ladder match against the Undertaker back in 2002. It was at that very moment when it was clear that WWE intended to push Jeff as a singles competitor. It makes sense for Hardy to end his singles career at the grandest stage of them all against the man who helped launch his career.

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It is noteworthy to mention that the Hardy brothers have been involved with the wrestling business even before they were of the legal drinking age. At a point when they’re hitting 40, it makes sense for them to plan their retirement. Both of them have been involved with the WWE and were one of the most prolific tag team champions of all time, with Jeff being a former IC champion, WWE Champion, and Matt being a former Cruiserweight champion, US champion during their run as singles competitors.

With TNA coming to a virtual shut down, it appears that the roster would eventually end up with WWE.

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