Ladies and Gentlemen, my Name is Paul Heyman and I am currently not on WWE programming!


If you read that in the tone we all love, you’re probably going to miss hearing that statement for a while. While the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar was recently drafted to the flagship 3 hour show RAW, there has been no mention of his advocate, Paul Heyman!

While most of the current superstars’ draft has directly meant the transfer of their managers and valets along with the superstars, like when the Miz was drafted, it automatically meant that Maryse would be accompanying him. The same goes for Darren Young!

Reports have emerged stating that Paul Heyman’s contract has come to an end and there has been no initiation from either parties about a new contract. This can be attributed to Brock Lesnar’s bleak future with the WWE, especially after his two consecutive drug failure tests. With the string of lawsuits being filed against the WWE, one does not expect Lesnar to be let off scot free. The poster boy Roman Reigns was suspended for 90 days for failing his drug test. While Lesnar is still advertised to return to the squared circle against a returning Randy Orton at the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam, there has been no build up to the match yet.

Paul Heyman’s relationship with the WWE has always been a love hate relationship, with him openly stating that he never wanted to return to the WWE after the way his brainchild show, ECW was treated. He returned as a on screen general manager and story writer for Smackdown during the initial brand split, but walked out along with Lesnar in 2004. He once again returned in 2006-2007 to help WWE bring back ECW and has always backed his biggest find in ECW, CM Punk. He managed Punk, before Lesnar asked WWE to have him as his mouth piece when he re-signed in 2012!

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Brock has always maintained that he would always want Heyman by his side, but this is a tricky situation. WWE may eventually decide not to extend Heyman’s contract till they deal with Brock’s situation.

One thing is for sure, we definitely will miss the beast incarnate’s advocate!

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