Lesnar’s recent drug test changed the scope of the draft?


It has been a known fact that Brock Lesnar’s run with the WWE has been nothing short of a dream. Ever since he returned in 2012, although he lost against the then face of the company, John Cena and against HHH at WrestleMania 29, he has won most of his matches thereafter.

He decimated CM Punk in one of their best matches, and then broke the streak fair and square. After he broke the streak, as expected his value sky rocketed. He was booked as an unstoppable force and since then Lesnar has never lost a match cleanly.

This, along with his recent triumphant return to the octagon were supposed to tilt the odds in the favor of Lesnar especially with the draft picks. As per recent reports, Lesnar was supposed to be the number one draft pick for RAW. That plan made sense though, having the unstoppable force as RAW’s first pick would have sky rocketed the RAW’s roster. However, due to the negative publicity Lesnar recently garnered after his two consecutive drug failure tests post his successive return against Mark Hunt, WWE seemed to have dropped the ball at the last minute. He was replaced by the architect, Seth Rollins, followed by Dean Ambrose heading to Smack Down.

According to Lance Pugmire’s report for the LA Times, Lesnar tested positive for Clomiphene, an estrogen blocker drug. This report has been posted and one of Lesnar’s training mates recently stated that the reason for Lesnar’s failed drug test was because he suffered from some form of a breathing complexity. To avoid having sudden attacks, Brock was taking the drug under the prescription of his doctor.

Had WWE stuck to its original plan, Lesnar was scheduled to be the first draft pick, followed by Dean Ambrose becoming the first pick for SmackDown, followed by Seth Rollins for RAW and John Cena for SmackDown.

Things have not changed much though, with the WWE just having a shuffle of the order of the draft picks. We as fans just hope that there are no further sudden change of plans for the Beast Incarnate.

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