Live WWE SmackDown Results – 08/02/2016


This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown comes in live from the Bridgestone Arena, in Nashville Tennessee. Expected for tonight, there’s a fallout from Randy Orton’s attack on Lesnar last night on RAW. PWInsider has been reporting that Lesnar and Heyman have been spotted in Tennessee.

How true the rumors are, will be known once we go on air. AJ Styles builds his feud with Cena. PWInsider also reports the return of Curt Hawkins tonight. Daniel Bryan made an announcement that there would be separate titles for the divas and tag teams on the SmackDown brand! American Alpha is scheduled to make their main roster debut tonight! Pretty great show on paper thus far!!

And we begin with shots from backstage, where we have Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan watching footage from RAW of Randy’s attack on Brock Lesnar. Shane says that there are going to be repercussions and sends security to accompany Orton.

Shane is approached by the Miz and Maryse, who complain about the way they’re being treated. Daniel Bryan announces that there’d be a number one contender’s match to determine who’d face The Miz at Summerslam. They run into Ambrose, who says he’s heading to the ring to address the number one contender for his title.

Back in the ring, we have Ambrose who cuts a promo on Ziggler and calls him out. Ambrose talks about how he scratched and clawed to get to where he is today. Ziggler retaliates by saying that Ambrose was the Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, while he started off as a male cheer leader from the Spirit Squad. Woww! Ambrose has some trash talk with Ziggler, calling him a show off and a waste of time. Ambrose nails the final punch by saying that Ziggler might steal the show, but he’s going to lose.

Ambrose walks away. Suddenly lights go out and when they’re back on, we see Bray Wyatt hit the sister Abigail on Ziggler!!! The eater of the worlds says Ziggler should face him tonight with the winner going on to the title match at Summerslam!!!!! Wow!

Continued Part 2!

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