Mourinho calls United “Unluckiest” in the Premier League


After today’s draw with Arsenal, Jose Mourinho has tagged united as the unluckiest team in the premier league also following their previous Home draws against Stoke and Burnley. According to the special one, United played some quality football today inspite of conceding a late equaliser to the visitors.

Mourinho said that Arsenal were not Arsenal today and failed to play the kind of game that they usually do, but still managed to put one in. Considering the defensive woes that Mourinho is facing with key defenders Baily and Smalling ruled out due to injury, he praised the performances of Rojo and Jones.

After winning titles in his previously managed 4 clubs (FC Porto, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Chelsea) , Mou claims that he can do the same with united. He mentions that “I am in the club that I want to be”, despite many offers from various European giants following his sacking at Chelsea the very next year after winning the title.

Mourinho’s Post Match Interview (Credits – Classy Football)

Talking about the form Juan Mata has been in, he can be termed as a saviour for Mourinho. He has performed exceedingly well in every game that he has started and proved that he is not the one that needs to be benched.

Comparing with the rival mangers such as Klopp , Conte and Pep , Mourinho seems to be a tad slow in bringing out the best in his team and the fans too feel the same. Even when his performance until the matches so far is matched with United’s interim manager David Moyes, Mou seems to be on the backfoot.

Although Mourinho has been able to bring in big names this season despite lack of Champions league football this season, it is unsure whether he might be able to retain them if United fail to qualify for it this season.

Finally, even after spending a humongous sum at the transfer window this summer, if Mourinho fails to give the fans what they expect from United, his fate at the end of this season might be no different than that at Chelsea last year.

Sahil Verma

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